Top Programmatic Advertising Platforms To Check Out in 2022


Programmatic marketing platforms allow marketers and advertisers to automate the purchase and management of digital ad campaigns. It includes ad placement, media buying, campaign optimization, and performance tracking. Many software even include editing tools to help users design creative campaigns like the popular graphic design software. Furthermore, publishers use these platforms to manage ad inventory, which is the ad space that publishers sell on their website, video, mobile, app, etc. 

Over $75 billion which accounts for around 88% of digital advertising ad spending was programmatic in 2020. These numbers only grew in 2021 and by 2023, it is expected to be 91% and $133 billion. The credit of the popularity of programmatic advertising platforms goes to the numerous benefits it offers, such as improved performance through optimization, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and more. Also, with AI-powered algorithms and an elaborate ecosystem, advertisers can place their ads with zero or little human intervention. Making automated ad buying and management so prevalent. Brands are trusting these platforms and including them in their advertising strategies. 

With the right platform, you can achieve success and desired goals with programmatic advertising. We have discussed 6 top programmatic advertising platforms that leading agencies and brands are using for better results. 

  • MediaMath

MediaMath’s omnichannel programmatic marketing platform provides advertisers with the most powerful and comfortable online digital marketing experience. Its global ecosystem helps them with end-to-end campaign management, including social, mobile, display, audio, video, native, and more. Its complete package includes campaign execution, targeting, reporting, and creative management. The tool focuses on delivering the best results when it comes to conversions and returns. MediaMath created DMP so that marketers can seamlessly integrate data sets from first and third-party sources, which they can easily segregate before activating them. Thanks to MediaMath Audience Feature, marketers can connect with valuable audiences efficiently. 

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As MediaMath displays a range of abilities in programmatic ads, Disney+ Hotstar has recently collaborated with the platform to offer a highly protected and brand-safe environment to advertisers. It also provides premium inventories for marketing and reaching an extensive audience living in the narrowest regions via OTT platforms. Advertisers can invest in the Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) and Private Marketplace (PMP) deals to target the right inventories and right audience for their brand. With its Creative Management and Dynamic Creative features, marketers can deliver consistent brand experience through all marketing mediums. With its huge reach, it also enables them to market their brand in the regional areas through entertainment and live sports. 

MediaMath also offers access to audience-based buying techniques so that advertisers have more transparency and control over their marketing campaigns and can engage the audience for higher conversions. Brain Insights and Brain Optimization leverage ML and predictive modeling to optimize ad campaigns.

  • TubeMogul

TubeMogul is one of the top programmatic advertising platforms that allows brands to plan, buy, build, optimize, and measure their online advertising efforts programmatically. With such an effective tool, they can simplify the planning and buying ad space across channels, environments, and inventories using a single buying platform. TubeMogul provides access to premium ad inventories through a real-time bidding process called RTB. brands can easily import deals and reserves into the software, avoiding any complicated process. This cloud platform unties and automates all the digital video advertising functions with the main focus on personalizing ad experiences for customers. 

TubeMogul also offers consolidated campaign management and cross-channel advertising software to help advertisers run global campaigns using first and third-party data across several devices with ad format through premium inventories. It is a great tool for video programmatic as it makes it easier to execute multiple screens. Advertisers can run mobile, video, connected TV, native, display, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads. Its TV buying solution is used to access inventory which is otherwise not available through traditional media buying. 

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The software has a platform dashboard along with real-time metrics, which gives you the advantage of tracking ad spend, campaign performance, and their impact throughout its life. Some users have complained about slower UI but that is a common issue with Adobe products.

  • Google Marketing Platform

Google was once a leader in digital advertising platforms and is still popular among users for its usability and impact. It is highly recommended for programmatic search advertising but can be a bit clunky. It was in 2018 that Google combined all the DoubleClick advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite into a single brand known as Google Marketing Platform. The advertising tool majorly includes Display & Video 360, which is a premium DSP, Adserver (Campaign Manager 360), Google Ads, Analytics manager (Google Analytics), Tag Manager (GTM), Creative manager ( Studio) and report builder (Data Studio). With this change, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager became Google Display & Video 360. It enables users to plan campaigns, manage the audience data, design ad creatives, optimize campaigns, and purchase ad inventory.

Google Marketing Platform is known for delivering a new advertising experience to marketers and helping them with end-to-end campaign management through resources that GMP has across digital advertising, campaign tracking and management. It seamlessly integrates digital marketing comfort with marketers by providing them with a comprehensive set to run all their programmatic buying campaigns. This is a user-friendly tool that offers a wide range of access to programmatic ads environment to marketers. 

GMP helps users with buying ad space for three major formats, display, video, and audio advertising. With its analytics and advertising platforms, the software aids users to reach the target audience and connect with them to achieve efficient ROI on ad spending. 

  • SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a full-stack ecosystem counted among top programmatic advertising platforms that caters to all your needs in the advertising realm. It is a perfect platform for brands, app developers, agencies, and publishers with its amazing advertising tech stack, which includes Data Management Platform (DMP), Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Supply-Side Platform (SSP), and ad exchange & marketplace, and white label solutions. When you use SmartAds, you get omnichannel programmatic, clean & easy-to-track viewability and access to impressive ad tech. Hence, making it best for buyers, sellers, and ad professionals. You can purchase ad space across all channels through several ad networks.

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SmartAds enables digital advertisers to run video, in-app, display, and native advertising campaigns across smartphones and desktops. Its amazing set of features includes robust analytics, ad creation tools, rich targeting capabilities, and more that help users with their ad placements, inventory selection, and campaign management. It also offers a header bidding solution to publishers so they can run pre-bid auctions to sell ad inventories at a premium price.

There are precise targeting options, artificial intelligence-powered optimization, and exclusive features for brand tracking, safety, and more. App developers can make the best of this platform to run in-app ads in different formats, such as rewarded video, banner, and playable ads.

  • is another top programmatic marketing platform with some amazing features, such as targeting, audience expansion, campaign management, analytics, and reporting. This localized software enables advertisers to buy ad inventory on multiple RTB ad exchanges. Along with DSP, it also provides media management, accounting, and project management tools geared toward ad agencies. The platform has developed its proprietary DMP, DSP, and SSP along with other technologies. With such excellent features, you experience easy integration of agency management and analytics. 

With, advertisers can build target audiences based on different criteria, such as browser, devices, operating system, geography, intent-based search data, and more. Import CRM data without any hassle to enhance audience targeting. For further optimization, segregate the audience according to contextual and search keywords, CRM data, IP data, frequency capping, etc. Moreover, you can use look-alike and search-alike modeling to expand your audience base. Using its reporting suite provides approx 60 in-built report templates, you can generate ad-hoc reports and schedule customized reports. 

  • Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe is already a leading name among the programmatic advertising platforms and its solution, Adobe Advertising Cloud is one of the biggest and most popular platforms available in the industry. It brings all media in one place and is a unique platform that gathers and automates data, screens, creativity, and media to some extent. It includes several solutions so you can create, track, and optimize your ad campaigns. Introducing programmatic buying with an Adobe Advertising Cloud ends the traditional media buying process. Adobe with its advanced tools can help you with A/B testing, marketing automation, and Media Optimizer that shows a perfect mix of search, display, and social ads for your goals. 

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Automated media buying with programmatic DSP is the best combination for brands to help them move a step forward in their digital advertising journey. It will give them the advantage of successfully and cost-effectively implementing advertising strategies accurately by forecasting the outcomes. This combination will provide customers with a delightful experience and advertisers get access to ad inventory for any media with quality control and measurement.  


Programmatic advertising platforms are gradually gaining dominance over mobile marketing and as a marketer expert, you must be excited to try this new platform for your brand. However, you need to understand that programmatic platforms are critical to digital advertising so you can’t ignore a single factor while choosing the right one for you. Consider all the key points, such as integration, inventory, pricing, targeting option, interface, support, and then pick from the top Programmatic Advertising Platforms that meets your expectations. 


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