Top 10 SEO ranking checker Tools for tracking your website

SEO ranking checker tools

Although much prevalent previously also, the pandemic has shifted the focus of marketing towards digital. From smaller to larger, all businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets realizing its importance in the current scenario. As a result, the popularity of SEO ranking checker tools has also increased.

Marketing efforts are incomplete without a website and therefore best website builders help making one. Also having a website is futile if your audience is not able to view it.

The whole objective behind SEO is to rank the website better to reach a wider audience. This makes it extremely essential to keep a track of the ranking. 

Several SEO ranking checker tools are available to keep a track of your SEO efforts.

Let’s talk about some of the popular SEO rank tracker tools.


SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools. It provides several features besides rank analysis. It can be used for keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, content marketing, local SEO, link builder, and many more.

SEMrush Rank is one of the best SEO ranking checker tools. It gives an organic ranking of the websites based on the organic traffic received by the websites. The lower number of a rank denotes a higher position.

The ranking analysis provides several statistics about the ranking domains. It provides a count of the number of keywords for which a domain is ranking in the first 10 Google results.

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It also provides an estimation of the organic traffic to that website which is calculated by multiplying the average click-through rate of all the domain positions and the monthly search volume that keyword has.

SEMrush Rank also provides an estimated amount that has to be spent to attain that rank so we can say it is an estimation of the value of organic traffic. Further, it also gives the number of paid keywords and the traffic generated through them.

Hence, SEMrush Rank is an exceptional tool for competitive analysis, lead generation, and prospecting.


SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool from the brand Mangools. It is a paid tool. After creating an account, you can enter the domain name to be analyzed, location, device type (desktop/mobile) and the keywords to be analyzed. On adding this information, the tool furnishes an analytics report. The keyword positions are calculated every 24 hours so you get the latest positions always.


Ahrefs is more popular as a backlink checker but has a powerful rank monitoring tool too called Rank Tracker. It is a useful tool that helps increase traffic on the website by providing comprehensive organic traffic analysis. You can also do competitor analysis which can help you formulate your SEO strategies.

To begin the analysis, you will be required to specify the domain and the keywords you want to analyze along with locations and competitor pages. Ahref Rank Tracker provides many analytics and reports that can help you increase your Google rank.

Moz Rank Tracker

Moz Rank Tracker is a very popular name among SEO ranking checker tools for your website. It is based on Mozrank coined by Moz which is a number between 1 and 10. Mozrank is based on the number of quality links to your website that generate traffic and gives an idea of the authority of the webpage. It is like a measure of the popularity of the website.

A higher rank means a better SERP ranking. Moz Rank Tracker allows a user to analyze 10 websites at one time providing a detailed comparative analysis. This information is highly beneficial in improving SEO to attain a better ranking in organic searches. To increase the Mozrank, you must try to build quality links to your website. Higher Mozrank is an indication that the website is ranking well on Google organic search as well.

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Searchmetrics Suite is a powerful tool that provides insights through extensive data helping your website perform in organic search. The Search Experience tool helps in competitive analysis and tracking. You can perform the analysis on various levels like global, regional, or local and understand how your SEO strategies and content are scoring and decide on the plan of action ahead.              


WooRank is a popular SEO tool providing detailed analysis through its various tools and driving business success. Woorank provides various tools that can help in marketing and planning SEO for your website. The Keyword Tool helps improve performance on search pages as it provides rankings based on keywords.

Besides your keywords, you can analyze competitor businesses’ keywords as well through The Competitive Analysis Tool. It is also extremely helpful in finding loopholes in your SEO strategy.

All these tools can be leveraged for better SEO and improving the reach of the website.


SEOptimer is another very useful option among SEO ranking checker tools that provides up to 100 metrics to examine website performance. It also provides a detailed audit report of the website. With help of this report, you can optimize the website and tackle the problems stated in the audit report. It also helps in improving keyword ranking through a detailed analysis.

SEOptimiser is an outstanding audit tool and to add to it, SEOptimiser provides a bouquet of free tools – Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, .htaccess File Generator, Robots.txt Generator, and XML Sitemap Generator making it an SEO doers delight. These tools help in improving keyword ranking and SEO.

Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker is a chrome extension that provides useful information against any keyword. It is very simple to install and the keyword reports can be exported in CSV format. The best part about it is that you categorize the data provided into different categories. It works differently for desktop and mobile and the results (data columns) vary depending on the device.


Seobility is a popular name in SEO ranking checker tools that provides complete website analysis. It crawls every page and reports errors, duplicate content, and more. It provides various free SEO tools that can be used to optimize your website for a better ranking on SERPs. It reports both strong and weak points. Weak points can be further analyzed and worked upon.

SEO Check is an on-page SEO tool and provides information regarding meta information, website quality, website and header structure, external and internal links, and more. All these details help in deciding how SEO can be used to improve site ranking.

Keyword Check helps optimize websites for particular keywords. Hence, it helps formulate strategies for content, making the best use of keywords.

Ranking Check tools help find the search engine ranking for a particular keyword. It provides top 100 search results for both desktop and mobile searches.

SEO Compare is another helpful tool. It helps to compare and analyze two websites for a particular keyword. This can help better optimizing the website including the landing page.


Linkdex is another important tool of help to professional marketers. It provides an excellent platform for SEO, content marketing, and outreach strategies. It provides an extensive market, competitor, and performance analysis. Competitor analysis provides a means of formulating marketing strategies.

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It also helps in tracking keywords for getting a beneficial position in SERPs. Content performance can also be examined, which can help to create better and more engaging content. It also provides various forecasting tools, charts, and dashboards to optimize the site performance.

Having a sophisticated-looking and well-designed website will gain customers only when they are aware that such a business exists. It must be optimized using SEO best practices. This will help in reaching more users organically by bettering Google search result ranking. Each page of the website must be optimized for the best results.

There are few points that you can keep in mind while choosing Google Keyword Rank Checker:


Do a comparison of the prices of all the tools available. This will help you in choosing a tool as per your requirements. There are several free tools also available in the market. You can check if these are of help and you can manage SEO well using these tools

Rankings over various periods

The tool that you choose must provide keyword rankings at different times for a better analysis of the pattern. This can help in planning SEO further.

Know your competition

Keeping a check on competitor businesses’ websites and analysis can be a great help in marketing and overall SEO. It will help your marketing move in the right direction. Knowing what is happening around always helps.

Check for Trial version

You can check if there is a trial plan or free plan available for your chosen SEO tool. The initial trial can help in deciding if the tool is as per your requirements.

Location and Device checking

Locations play a very important role in marketing. You can see in which location which keyword is performing well and market your business accordingly. Also, a knowledge of the device – desktop or mobile helps improve the website making it more friendly for that device where it is lagging.


This is an important point to consider, especially if you are not hiring an agency. The more user-friendly your tool, the better advantage you can draw from it.


Keywords analysis is extremely essential in attaining higher rankings in SERPs. If you are not able to compete, the whole purpose is defeated. Keyword research is not a cumbersome task and does not take much time. You must embed keywords in the required percentage as per SEO rules to attract more traffic to your website.

If SEO is done properly and keywords are managed well, be sure to rank on-page of the search results. The right selection from SEO ranking checker tools provides statistics easily and fast giving ample time for analysis.

Choose a Google rank Tracking tool that suits you best and get going!









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