Best WordPress Popup Plugins To Look Out in 2022

Best WordPress Popup plugins

If you are looking for some of the best WordPress popup plugins for your website, then you have finally landed on the right post. An efficient and feature-rich tool helps you convert your website visitors into loyal customers and subscribers. 

There are dozens of popup plugins available in the market that claim to improve your conversion rate. However, most of them either lack necessary features or offer inaccurate stats or simply slow down the website. Only a few of them can deliver the promised results. 

We have listed the 5 best WordPress popup plugins that are trusted globally by the biggest brands and websites. Some of them are simple ad suitable for basic plugins while others come with detailed drag-and-drop builders, analytics, and A/B testing. Based on your requirements and goals, select the right one for you.


OptinMonster is one of the first platforms to popularize the use of popups in the marketing space. This lead generation software allows businesses to convert website visitors into paying customers and subscribers, all thanks to its drag-and-drop features that are super easy to use. It offers advanced targeting for personalized behavior for every individual site visitor. This impressive technology triggers popups at the best time to drive conversions. Choose from pre-built templates or create a unique popup from scratch using custom HTML/CSS and WordPress shortcodes. 

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OptinMonster comes with a comprehensive set of features so you can tap into the maximum conversion potential like a marketing pro. Use this amazing tool to create visually appealing popups to collect emails, promote sales, and more. You can also launch different campaigns, such as slide-in scroll boxes, lightbox popups, floating bars, full-screen welcome mats, and more. Moreover, you can add countdown timers to create a sense of urgency. OptinMonster specializes in popups with exit intent technology and can determine when a visitor will leave your page based on their browsing behavior. 

Its targeting features allow you to target potential customers based on the pages they visit, their geo-location, activity on the website, and other activities. You can create your rules to display popups to make them more personalized and highly effective. 

Key Features

  • Adblock detection to display targeted messages 
  • Built-in A/B testing and multivariate testing to optimize your popups
  • Trigger popups with exit intent, inactivity sensors, scrolling, time-based triggers, and more
  • Small Success feature lets you display different offers to people who have already converted on one of the previous popups.
  • Monster-links popups trigger a popup by clicking on a link
  • Integrates seamlessly with email marketing services, eCommerce platforms, contact form plugins, and more.


Bloom is created by Elegant Themes, which is one of the oldest commercial WordPress theme stores. Available as a standalone plugin, Bloom comes with more than 100 templates that you can use to customize different types of popups, such as inline boxes, widgets, fly-ins, and more. You can also customize edges, borders, and other elements of popups and the color options are virtually unlimited so you no longer have to worry about choosing the right color scheme to match your website theme and design. It also offers an easy-to-use WordPress popup creator for bloggers. 

Bloom also consists of unique trigger options along with basic page targeting. For example, you can make a popup appear once a user has left a comment on the page or made a purchase. It also lets you trigger popups at the timed display after readers have reached the bottom of a post or inactivity. However, it lacks the most effective triggers, such as floating bars, exit-intent, geo-location, etc. There are 6 different types of display popups and inline opt-in forms with an option to lock your content behind an opt-in form. 

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Furthermore, you get access to the Bloom plugin by purchasing any of the Elegant Themes membership plans. So, if you have already subscribed to their membership, then feel free to use Bloom without any additional charges. Despite a beautiful dashboard and high-quality templates, Bloom misses out on advanced features and other plugins along with a visual customizer. 

Key Features

  • Multiple popup types, including slide-in, sidebar, and below post signup forms
  • One of the best-looking dashboards that you’ll find, which makes working with popups easier
  • Pre-built popup templates with simple customization
  • Comes with 100+ templates that you can customize to suit your needs and also offers some unique trigger/targeting options 
  • Basic post or page level targeting
  • Set up A/B tests and view analytics to evaluate the performance of all your popups 
  • Basic time delay, scroll, form submission triggers

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is another name in WordPress popup plugins, which is also a powerful solution with an array of advanced features. It is similar to OptinMaster and includes advanced opt-in types, such as screen filler overlay, 2-step Yes/No opt-ins, sticky ribbon, content locking, and more. This popular list-building tool comes with stunning popup templates and an easy-to-use popup builder. It supports scroll trigger, timed popup display, WordPress category, exit-intent, and tag targeting. It tries to balance out performance and features but is still slower than other solutions in the list. 

Thrive Leads is a standalone plugin so all the code resides on the WordPress site and uses hosting resources. Moreover, it includes A/B testing so you can choose the best possible opt-in forms and find stats, reports, and view the performance of popups. However, tests may not work smoothly on some hosting companies or caching plugins. It also has limited targeting and trigger options and lacks powerful triggers, such as InactivitySensor, geo-location targeting, etc. 

This plugin is quite straightforward to use and comes with multiple templates. There is a basic popup maker along with a drag-and-drop feature so you can customize your popup and build it from scratch. Yes, there is a slight learning curve in displaying options on the website so many beginners may struggle while setting up a popup. There are different options for lead shortcodes, lead groups, Thrive boxes, and more without much explanation. Hence, users may have to explore them in detail to know what they do. 

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Key Features

  • Page-level targeting includes categories, post types,  tags, and more
  • Multiple types of popups are lightbox popup, 2-step option, inline forms, slide-in forms, and more
  • Mobile friendly popups for small devices
  • A drag and drop editor to customize sign up forms
  • Works well with all leading email services
  • Basic A/B testing and analytics for your forms

Ninja Popups

With more than 36,000 sales, Ninja Popups is among the most popular and top-selling WordPress popup plugins by CodeCanyon. The tool has been around for over 8 years now with its team of developers continuously introducing new features and improvements throughout. We know that you must follow the crowd and use it just because thousands of people are using it but we cannot deny that the popularity is a sign of quality and credibility. What makes Ninja Popups so loved and recommended by all is its extensive list of features that ensure popups are responsive and compatible with mobile devices too along with desktop browsers. Also, it is easy to configure even without any coding experience. 

Use Ninja Popups to customize designs to resonate with your website theme and color scheme. It also allows you to change the size of popups and the colors of the buttons. Moreover, if you want more than forms, it lets you create different types of popups, including social sharing boxes and video displays. It also has anti-ad blocker technology so you can show popups to visitors who use ad blockers. Its page-level targeting and trigger options include time on page, scroll depth user inactivity and exit intent. You can have different popups for every website page depending on your goals. The plugin also offers A/B testing so you can try different variations of your popups to find the most effective design that yields the highest conversions. 

Along with this, it has a detailed analytics page and you can see other KPIs with charts to improve popups. For just $26, you get access to its drag-and-drop popup builder, over 70 templates, and animation effects to choose from.

Key Features

  • Use a visual drag-and-drop builder to create popups either from scratch or choose from the 76+ pre-made popup themes.
  • Optimize your popups with built-in analytics and A/B testing features
  • It excels in animation options, allowing you to apply 74+ different animation effects to your popups.
  • Google Analytics Event tracking integration lets you track data in Google Analytics.


Icegram is a simple and easy-to-use option in WordPress Popup Plugins that allows you to create beautiful opt-ins and call-to-action popups for your website. Its amazing set of features helps you convert visitors into paying customers and subscribers. If you want a more native option, then Icegram is the perfect choice as it enables you to build popups from the WordPress dashboard. However, its text-based interface makes it a little less user-friendly than other plugins. With Icegram, you can use 4 types of popup styles namely- header and footer action bars, lightbox popups, toast notifications, and slide-in messengers. 

Icegram comes with trigger options, which include exit intent, time delay, time on page, user inactivity, and clicks. Its targeting options are user targeting, device, page, and geo-location. You can display popups on specific categories, pages, or posts. Also, it lets you connect popup forms with email newsletters, such as GetResponse, Constant Contact, AWeber, and more. Although it offers enough features and a fair amount of value for free, to get access to more functionalities, you will need paid plans. 

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Icegram’s free version is suitable for basic popups while the Pro version comes with analytics, triggers, and other advanced features. To create stunning popups using Icegram, select a template that you think will work best for you and then customize text and images with a text-based interface. 

Key Features

  • The free version is fine to create popups using templates and some basic triggers/targeting options. Although it’s not super detailed, the plan is good for simple uses.
  • Pro plan adds new features, such as A/B testing, analytics, and more than 100 pre-made themes.


After reviewing all the WordPress popup plugins and their pros and cons, we would recommend OptinMaster and Ninja Popups. They are certainly the best WordPress tools available in the market. However, it’s also worth considering the other three options too as each of them is known for its unique features.

Make sure to be meticulous while deciding on the right option in WordPress popup plugins as it will make it easier for you to create the stunning popups you want while also integrating smoothly with other software. 


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