Best Website Builders To Look Out In 2022

best website builders

When building a website, you need a reliable website builder to make the process speedier and easier. Earlier, this ability to create powerful sites was restricted to professional developers and designers because of their technical proficiency. However, thanks to website builders, anyone can create a beautiful website in hours and publish content. 

You can find a wide range of solutions to cater to your needs and match your level of experience. From drag and drop editors that are a great starting point to more flexible platforms for highly-customizable websites, there is something for everyone. Some specialize in blogs while others are the best for e-commerce and small businesses. With such an array of options, people can have a hard time picking the right website builder.

To help them make informed decisions, we have listed the 6 best website builders that you can choose from based on your business goals and website requirements. Take a look:



  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Bandwidth starts from 2GB/ month
  • Free domain
  • Site booster and visitor analytics

Wix is considered the best website builder globally, empowering millions of businesses and organizations to grow their brands and strengthen their online presence. It is a cloud-based web development platform with more than 200 million users across 100 countries. Adding to its popularity is its impressive breadth of features, 500 attractive templates, powerful editor, and industry-specific themes. Every month Wix announces a new feature, such as Wix Restaurants, an add-on to let customers book tables, order food, and check menus, Wix Bookings, a self-service appointment booking system for clients, a suite of business and marketing tools, Ascend by Wix, including email marketing, CRM, invoice generator, automation, video maker, etc. The platform covers so much, from photography showcasing to website advertising and everything else in between, so users can easily customize the website. 

How can we forget its most advanced Wix Editor, the best option for e-commerce and small businesses? Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to place all the elements in pixel-perfect positions. Whether you want to personalize fonts, colors, or content, the process is straightforward and helps you go beyond your imagination. Even users with limited or no coding knowledge can easily create websites and make changes in no time. They simply have to answer a few questions and Wix will select a custom template that they can populate and publish in an hour. Using Velo Dev Mode, you can add smart features and create pages, custom forms, and databases without hiring a developer. Wix virtually offers almost everything that you need to get started, be it powerful inventory management tools, subscription & digital product support, or multi-channel selling. It comes with free packages and paid plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee. The free plan has limited options for advertisements on a site along with other restrictions but it’s an efficient way to try Wix before paying for a subscription.


Wix Pro- $23/month

Wix Connect Domain- $3.54/month

Wix Combo- $14/month

Reasons to Buy Wix

  • Highly user-friendly
  • Huge template library
  • Impressive range of powerful features
  • Extensive app market
  • Excellent drag-and-drop editor



  • SEO-friendly formatting
  • Unlimited storage
  • Ecommerce features
  • Social media integration
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Weebly is one of the greatest options for people who want to set up and launch their websites quickly and put their businesses into action. Unlike several website builders that waste time with confirmation links and welcome emails, this website solution makes the entire process simple and quick. It just requires users to share their name, password, and email address, and then they can get started in no time. You also have to answer a few questions regarding the domain name, website, theme, pricing plan that you can choose based on a range of features you want. One aspect that stands out in Weebly is its e-commerce solution capability. Initially, users can select a “website with an online store” option to unlock a number of powerful features. From a fully integrated shopping cart, an inventory tracker, a secure checkout experience, and a filtered product search tool, you will get it all here. 


Weebly is also known for its drag-and-drop interface, one of the most sought-after features with several website builders also making an appearance within Weebly’s ecommerce platform. This allows businesses to showcase their products using display and merchandising options. In addition, social media integration is also included so that shoppers can share products via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. This content management system supports larger websites that count more than 150 pages. You are not restricted by bandwidth or storage limits in paid plans. Furthermore, live chat, email support, and other resources, such as step-by-step guides provide users with everything they need to get their store up and running. Online store managers can sell physical goods, digital services, or products, and retailers can set their own price and configurable product options. For pricing, you can choose from seven plans including the free-forever plan, which you can use to create a website and online store, but you can’t connect your domain.


Weebly Starter- $5/month

Weebly Pro- $12/month

Weebly Business- $25/month

Reasons to Buy Weebly

  • Responsive and adaptive themes
  • Foolproof editing interface
  • Amazing blogging tool
  • Customizable template system
  • Ecommerce included in all plans



  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Free domain

Squarespace is one of the best-known and slickest website builders with attractive and professionally designed templates. It has gained an impeccable reputation and wide popularity because of its fantastic range of features for bloggers, offering a host of built-in functions to support writers and bloggers with its multi-author functionality, ability to schedule posts, and AMP support. Although Squarespace has a small library, its designs are visually appealing and specifically targeted. It has a similar market share to Wix, making it an undeniable big player in the industry. Also, you can’t ignore its clean designs and powerful aesthetics. One standout aspect of Squarespace is its excellent blogging features, which include scheduling posts, adding multiple authors, creating content using smartphones, and several templates that are designed for users wanting to create their blog. 

With Squarespace’s Blog App, you can manage your blog with a mobile device, publishing and editing content on the go. Its other impressive elements are search engine optimization tools, e-commerce integrations, advanced analytics portal, etc. Make the most of tools that sync seamlessly with and import from social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter, and more, offering a reliable way to ensure that posts receive required attention. One primary benefit of Squarespace is that you can restore deleted posts and pages within 30 days of moving them to trash. In case your online connection fails while editing a post, you need not worry as it will still be there when you get the internet connection back. Yes, this website builder is not cheap and doesn’t offer a free version but its great blog functions make it worth the investment. Choose from the numerous and beautiful premium wordpress themes for bloggers that are compatible with tablets and smartphones


Personal- $12/month

Business- $18/month

Commerce- $26/month

Reasons to Buy Squarespace

  • Loads of features
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Amazing and well-designed templates
  • Mobile management available
  • Constant improvement for smaller stores



  • Mobile responsive
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • SEO tools
  • Ecommerce features

GoDaddy is a straightforward website builder where you have to enter your details to create a tailored website. Its simple editing tools, impressive layouts, the intuitive publication process, and guidance to add elements to the site make the website creation process speedier. Thus, even if you haven’t built a website before, setting up one and rolling it out would take a few minutes. The platform’s built-in website creator ships alongside hosting services and it boasts dedicated support and powerful analytics, two essential factors for any growing website. For users who want more in-depth experience, the GoDaddy Websites+ Marketing solution offers a detailed analysis of a site’s performance. With its analytics tool, you get a comprehensive set of metrics to compare your business’ online presence against your competitors. Its streamlined approach allows beginners to focus on core activities. They also have access to extensive tutorials and live chat support to resolve technical issues. It has a decent drag-and-drop interface to let you configure the website to your liking, and you can choose from built-in templates to get started in no time. 

GoDaddy has proved successful over the years with users experiencing an 18% increase in business revenue within a year of using it. However, it is not the best choice to build complex, powerful, or personalized websites but it ticks all the right boxes for smaller websites and businesses, all thanks to its design-assisted format and simple layout. Besides, it has no add-ons or third-party app market to choose from but some users may appreciate the lack of clutter. All its features are built in-house, which ensures complete compatibility and greater security. Its free plan doesn’t include analytics or marketing tools. Prices for paid plans are higher for shorter subscriptions but include a free SSL certificate, a free business email, an option to customize a domain name, and editing tools. More advanced plans add business, e-commerce, and marketing features. 


Basic- $9.99/month

Premium- $19.99/month

Ecommerce- $24.99/month

Reasons to Buy GoDaddy

  • Round-the-clock support
  • Easy to use and simple solution
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Add-on marketing features
  • Excellent analytics



  • Unlimited storage
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Ecommerce features on advanced plans

To offer more than web hosting, Bluehost recently developed and launched the Bluehost website builder, built on WordPress and supported by live editing, drag and drop, stock image repository, and mobile editing tools. This platform leverages the best features of WordPress via over 300 themes, easy-to-use block builder, WooCommerce integration to sell online, and more. It also has a drag and drop feature to make things easier for beginners or less experienced users with all plans offering managed WordPress hosting for unlimited websites. Hence, plugins and installations are updated and you get a free domain for a year along with a free SSL. and 24/7 support. In addition to unlimited websites, Bluehost also comes with templates for specific types of websites and use cases while giving several options to edit websites for tablets, mobile, and desktop. 


It combines leading elements of WordPress with a simple interface and top hosting at economical prices. One drawback is that the builder is not flexible enough when it comes to layouts but thanks to its array of content options and ease-of-use rank, it is considered among the best WordPress website builders. All plans of Bluehost include hosting for unlimited websites, email marketing tools, and blog post management. Pro subscription adds WooCommerce support, including discount code generation, online store appointment bookings, subscription sales, etc., with 30 additional premium templates. Also, you get a no-questions-asked 30 days money-back guarantee and a refund policy, which is a great reassurance to try the solution with peace of mind.



  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ecommerce features

Shopify is a well-known and widely used e-commerce platform that has become an ultimate choice for millions of merchants across 175 countries. It is packed with powerful features and tools, making it easier for developers to create a seamless online store in the fastest time possible. Users can also seek the benefits of its extensive collection of third-party apps to integrate new features and functionality. This keeps the website builder clutter-free and allows them to opt for specific features based on their industry and store requirements. There are excellent additional elements too, which include checkout manager, built-in shopping cart, security and marketing tools, and more. 

Today, cybersecurity is one of the major concerns for online business owners and shoppers. Taking care of it, Shopify ensures Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance which makes the solution extremely secure and safe for customers and merchants as well. Shopify is a perfect choice for small businesses and larger online stores that want a more dedicated e-commerce solution. However, if you want to build a blog or traditional website, then Shopify is not for you. Its paid plans start at a relatively expensive price of $29/month and range up to $299 a month across three different plans. A 2.4% to 2.6% transaction fee is applicable on every online purchase, which might be a turn-off for some users.


This is quite evident that each website builder has its weaknesses and strengths. Whether you want greater value for money or a stylish website or just a helping hand, there will be the right solution for you on the list. For example, Wix and Weebly are the popular choices for beginners while GoDaddy is designed specifically as an easy-to-use option but with no powerful features or advanced editing tools. All this considered, you can’t label one platform as the best. So, do your research, sign up for free trials, test different solutions, and take sufficient time to make a wise decision. 


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