Best Web Analytics Software to Track Your Business Results

Best Web Analytics Software

For digital marketers, data is king. This is the most powerful source for businesses to get actionable insights about the website and understand users more closely. Data generated through web analytics software are used to find how many visitors come to a website daily, how they interact with the site, the time they spend there, how many subscribe or buy products, and how competitors approach online marketing. You can also gain insights of competitor strategies with Competitor Analysis Tools that track, analyze, monitor and help learn from the strategies of competitors. The software offers plenty of information to help you accelerate business growth and boost revenue. 

To leverage website analytics to its full potential, you need a robust web tracking and optimization tool. However, with so many web analytics software available, you can have a hard time selecting the right one.

Hence, we have listed five highly-recommended web analytics software that you can try for your website evaluation. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the biggest and the most robust web analytics software globally, with around 30 million websites using it. It provides users with a lot of information and data, real-time website traffic data, integrations with other Google products like Adwords, and more. It is free software offering tremendous insights to companies about the performance of their site, the behavior of users, their demographic features, and more. Although the information is available in a dense amount, its layout is simple. Google Analytics has free and paid tools that you can use to receive a more profound understanding of customers. No matter what industry you serve, travel, retail, healthcare, or any other, it offers a comprehensive view of how users engage with the content, what is implemented successfully, and what’s not working as expected. 

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Google Analytics has many free features that others charge for. Its standard version is perfect for beginners to access general web analytics software. The premium plan (Google Analytics 360) is more advanced with Salesforce integration, data-driven attribution, unsampled reporting, advanced funnel reporting, raw data, etc. The platform includes sophisticated machine learning to help users in different ways. The data generated from the tool can measure conversions, evaluate the best sessions, convert them into Smart Goals, which you can use to organize bids, sites, and ads for maximum conversions. Also, with AI-processing data, you can get information about users who are likely to convert into buyers in their next sessions. There are also various levels of data manipulation, filtering, and monitoring, which include segmentation, funnel analysis, progress monitoring on dashboards, and more methods. 

Price- Google Analytics Standard: Free

Google Analytics 360- Custom pricing


  • Full performance insight
  • Data implementation
  • Reporting
  • Data management
  • Multiple data access points
  • Easy integration


Mixpanel is a perfect option for you if you want to try a web analytics software for free before investing in it. It allows you to visualize the data easily without shelling out a penny. It is a robust platform that measures user experience, analyzes it on different levels, and helps businesses with customer retention. The software has a tracking feature that gives you access to insights into users by following their journey closely on the website. You can add them to groups, compare them, and perform other tasks with its well-rounded features. This is a valuable and powerful tool for sites that want to interact more frequently with users, know more about them, their behavior, and sell products on the site. Such businesses can make the best of this platform to get a better understanding of customer behavior, determine current trends, and make informed and data-driven decisions. 

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A valuable aspect of Mixpanel is its ability to build a customized plan. If you want to upgrade the tool, simply select a series of attributes that align with your business goals, and pay only for what you use. It is mainly focused on individual users and an even-based model that establishes communication with a specific user. Therefore, you can target them with personalized messages for better engagement. Moreover, Mixpanel lets users see extensive but easy-to-understand reports on website traffic, build funnels, create cohorts, etc. Unlike other analytics tools, Mixpanel is designed for SaaS and website owners to help them get real-time data insights into how people interact with products and services.

Price- Free for 1,000 tracked users

Customized paid plans depending on your needs.


  • Testing and messaging
  • Easy integration
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Data science
  • Real-time data access


Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that gives users complete control of data generated here. They have access to anything they want, from real-time data and content tracking to A/B testing and heatmaps and more. This tool is currently available in over 190 countries with 1 million active users. It is a powerful tool that you can use to track the entire customer journey on your site. Its users own 100% of the data with no external source looking in. This means that no third party can access your website’s sensitive data as the information is stored on your servers with an on-premise solution. 

So, even if you choose Matomo cloud, you will remain the sole owner of your data, and the platform will never sell it to any other person. Another big selling point of Matomo is its extensive set of features, which can be overwhelming for someone looking for a basic tool. Having said that, the data point that you can collect is impressive. Along with visitors and their behavior, you get details regarding acquisitions, e-commerce, media, and web form analytics. It complies with strict privacy laws, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and PECR so that you can keep your worries about any legal issues at bay. 

Price- Depends on the number of monthly page views a website receives. The basic plan with 50,000 monthly site views is only $20/month.

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  • Multi-attribution models
  • Ultimate visitor tracking
  • Google Analytics import
  • Session recordings
  • Roll-up reporting
  • Heatmaps
  • SEO keywords

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a suitable web analytics solution if you need to gather data from multiple sources and not just your business website. It is an enterprise alternative to Google Analytics, offering multichannel information from OTT, web, IoT, and more. The primary focus is on machine learning and predictive algorithms to access advanced insights. This is a reliable solution to monitor website metrics that lets you extract data virtually from anywhere and collect it in one place. Thus, making it a robust tool for users looking for more advanced software. 

After collecting data from custom variables and multiple channels, you can assess and take necessary action regarding everything that Adobe Analytics shows you. This visually appealing tool resonates with the demands of people who don’t like looking at bland charts. It’s a paid tracking tool you and your team can use to get actionable insights and improve the bottom line.  

Price- Available on request


  • Creating custom metrics
  • Real-time data access
  • Spotting and reacting to trends
  • Evaluating customer journey
  • Integrating marketing and advertising strategies

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg started as a design agency and, after a while, relaunched as a website optimization tool to help businesses track, analyze, and improve their conversion rates. It is a popular platform to evaluate visitors and their behavior so businesses can work on their website’s UX and ultimately increase ROI and conversions. Its goal is to increase traffic, generate more sales with its comprehensive set of exclusive features. It’s a good choice for users who want to look at videos than cold numbers. The software is known for its heat-mapping tools and session recordings that are the foundation of web analysis. The best part is that it enables you to run A/B tests to improve web design and user experience. You can understand how visitors navigate the website and the time they spend on it. Also, it is easy to determine and correct weaknesses to turn them into loyal customers. 

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The best way to know more about users and how they interact with the site is through user recordings with entire user sessions. So, you can look at them to know what people do on your site, what they like the best, and what’s not working using these video playback and identify pain points to offer a great experience. There is an option to view users based on mobile, new, and active to segregate different types of customers. The tool lets you view heatmaps of user data and provides access to A/B testing tools to turn findings into action. It can seamlessly integrate with platforms, including Drupal, Joomla, Google Tag Manager, and others, to produce additional value.

Price- $24-$249 per month with an option to customize a more extensive plan.


  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor recordings
  • Visitor snapshots
  • Demo dashboard
  • Site editor tools


Being new to web analytics, it can be intimidating to start mining the data to get actionable insights and make changes. It gets more overwhelming when you have no idea what you want and what to look for. We hope that the above-mentioned software will help you kickstart your journey and gather data in the most effective way. Make sure to consider all the features and aspects before making a decision. 


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