Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Check In 2022


More than 92% of digital marketers have said that social media marketing is critical to their businesses. Considering that social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are on the rise with nearly 3.8 billion users worldwide, it is essential for business leaders and marketers to understand how to make the best of these platforms for business growth. When done right, it can bring unmatched success to your brand and social media marketing tools serve helpful in this. You must be creative in your ideas and share a variety of content on different portals to attract new users every day, retain them, and drive engagement. 

However, posting on social media and keeping track of trends manually can be challenging. There are other time-consuming tasks as well, such as analytics, customer listening, content creation, designing, tracking, etc. Also, you cannot expect to manage your multiple social media accounts on different platforms seamlessly without seeking help from a reliable tool. Fortunately, several advanced social media marketing tools are meant to make these activities easier and hassle-free. They bring automation and allow you to accomplish social media marketing tasks on time.  

If you also want to get your social media marketing strategy streamlined across all channels, then consider adding these listed social media marketing tools to your marketing toolkit. 


Although it started as a scheduling tool for Twitter, Buffer has now become a popular platform to support almost every major social media portal, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. It is a commonly-used social media dashboard that helps users fill their social media feed with relevant and interesting content. And for this, they don’t have to spend half of their lives logged in to their Twitter or Facebook accounts, just a few minutes and it’s done. Its dedicated community consists of thousands of happy customers who appreciate its excellent user interface. 


Rather than adding too many features, Buffer focuses on core values for content scheduling and posting. However, it’s quite expensive in the long run for small teams and you need a separate subscription to enjoy features like Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze, which are offered free by its competitors. 


  • Buffer has two main products:

Buffer Publish- To create posts and schedule them.

Buffer Analyze- To measure the overall social media performance and create reports for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

  • Chrome extension allows you to add articles and other content from the web to your Buffer queue or share them on the go.
  • Review posts on social media platforms and learn what changes in your posts can lead to better performance.
  • Shorten shared links automatically and connect your Bitly account to Buffer.
  • Reply to posts and comments using Buffer.
  • Price: $120 for 10 social media channels with a 14-day free trial.


Research is the most critical aspect of marketing. To launch successful marketing campaigns and get ahead of your competitors, you need to do in-depth research and understand what others are doing and if that’s working for them or not. Buzzsumo is a trusted research tool with advanced options to discover influencers, filter curated lists, analyze content trends, monitor social content, and more across various social media channels. It allows you to determine the most shared content on social media and you can know how your content is doing. 

There are times when you create amazing content for social media that garner hundreds of likes and comments. While at other times, you are more concerned with meeting deadlines hence, post something mediocre. Of course, there is no guarantee for success but Buzzsumo is your reliable partner to increase the chances. You can discover the most popular questions posted on forums or Quora. It is also the best option for powerful content discovery, curation, and insight features. Going beyond your website, it also searches competitors’ domains. Thus, content writers can use it to collect crucial information, generate ideas, curate high-performing posts, and monitor results.


    • Explore most shared content on social media
    • Get alerts regarding keywords, brand name, author name, links, and domain.
    • Know about trending topics and the most interesting content for the audience.
    • Find influencers related to your brand or topic.
    • Use this powerful tool to analyze competitors’ posts, keywords, and other insights.
  • Price: Paid plan starts at $99/month or $948 per year with a 30-days free trial.


Most companies create official accounts on multiple social media platforms. Of course, managing content across all channels can be chaotic, challenging, and time-consuming. What’s the best solution? Hootsuite. Yes, it is one of the best social media marketing tools to handle different profiles and accounts across multiple channels from a single dashboard. This popular platform allows seamless collaboration between team members and the approval process. You can not only see all the comments and mentions in one place but also assign tasks, create calendar, and schedule updates. Also, using Hootsuite Podium, you can check free online social media courses to hone your social media management skills and learn the basic and advanced fundamentals of marketing.


For experienced digital marketers, Hootsuite integrates with Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube to give an in-depth breakdown of analytics and enable interaction with prospective customers. Moreover, its automation features help you to be more productive as you can easily find, schedule, and manage the most useful social media content. 


    • Schedule hundreds of posts at once for a strong social media presence.
    • Connect with customers via social media analytics.
    • Saves content in the cloud and ensures that the approved content goes live at the scheduled time and date.
    • Secures passwords, profiles, and login information.
    • Manage customer support services through social media efficiently.
  • Price: Starts at $19 per month with a 30-day free trial.


Media listening is not a new concept. Even before social media marketing became integral for brands, monitoring everything that was being said about businesses was a big concern. Mention made this task easy and more streamlined by providing in-depth insights and reports of brand mentions. This comprehensive social listening tool is exclusively designed to monitor in real-time what the audience is saying about products and competitors. It helps build stronger relationships, protect brand reputation, and generate leads. Mention also works as a community management tool by monitoring keywords, finding relevant influencers, and analyzing competitors’ strategies. 

One important feature of this tool is the ‘alerts’ system, which is used to track keywords and you get notified when they are mentioned. You also get a summarized report of analytics delivered to your inbox, giving you instant access to all brand mentions online. Mention helps you stay on top of the conversation as you can respond to social media comments and mentions using this platform. 


    • Tracks over 1 billion sources across the web every day.
    • You get a detailed dashboard.
    • Measure competitors’ share of voice online.
    • Explore customers’ online insights through keyword research and build powerful social media strategies on crucial topics.
    • Relevant information and instant access to your team, public views, and share reports, etc.
  • Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 14-day free trial and an anytime cancellation policy.

Meet Edgar

So, you are a one-man army responsible for the entire social media management, from tech and support to design. You certainly need an efficient and trusted content manager to help you out. We introduce you to MeetEdgar. It is a scheduling social media marketing tool that also handles the re-sharing and recycling of your content while optimizing social traffic. It is a handy automated content manager that works with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles through a web plugin. Also, it helps you keep your social media platforms populated with exciting posts.

MeetEdgar is also used to monitor social media traffic, boost engagement, and optimize the ROI of all digital assets. By posting your creative ideas and content on social media regularly, you can drive more traffic. Leverage an automated auto-refill queue so that you don’t run out of regular posts. Its amazing category-based scheduling tool is a great help to mix different content types to keep the audience intrigued and engaged. The solution also features a URL shortener with in-app click tracking so you can follow your clicks.


    • Organize and schedule posts by category.
    • Save time by adding the content to Edgar’s browser extension.
    • It automatically scans your scheduled posts and content from every category and recycles the older updates.
    • Create a library of updates and edits, which Edgar will update in bulk.
  • Price: Plans start at $19/month with a 30-day free trial.

Sprout Social

Over the last few years, we saw significant growth in social media marketing with a huge shift from traditional content to innovative videos. And this is only going to get better and bigger in this ever-evolving digital landscape. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about scheduling social media campaigns across all platforms as Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool that takes care of publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration. It empowers digital marketing managers to control their marketing efforts. As starting, joining, and monitoring social media conversations will be easier, they can improve audience engagement. It also enhances client relationships because of instant response times and teams can stick to their marketing plans using an exclusive range of optimization tools. They can connect with customers and followers quickly, keep an eye on competitors, and stay on top of trends.


Sprout Social features multi-level access so users can coordinate and delegate their tasks to other team members. The tool also comes with an in-depth analytics platform, post scheduling capabilities, and social listening functionality. Hence, making it an effective platform to improve engagement and build stronger partnerships with clients. For users who want to increase their knowledge, Sprout Social offers resources and support through webinars and conferences. 


    • Build community by starting, joining, and maintaining your social conversations.
    • Includes publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration.
    • Manage multiple social media profiles across major platforms.
    • Track internal data, including the total number of replies, response time, and sentiments.
  • Price: Plans start at $99/month with a 30-day free trial. 


Social media marketing tools are crucial for promoting a business on several social media platforms. These solutions help marketers create content, get more engagement, and automate posting. Of course, you have to be meticulous while selecting the best social media management tools. The effectiveness of these different tools depends on user-friendliness, effectiveness, value for money, and other features. 

Focus on finding the right social media marketing tool that supports your marketing efforts, business objectives, and budget. Make sure that you invest your time and money in the right direction. 


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