Best SEO Software for Small Businesses to Check in 2022

Best SEO Software for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization tools are no longer just for big enterprises and larger websites that can afford expensive resources. Now, even small businesses are making the best of SEO platforms to optimize their websites and increase their global reach. They are utilizing these tools to analyze competitors, conduct keyword research, track online traffic, identify technical issues, find conversion trends, and implement effective digital and content marketing strategies. 

The better the quality of your SEO tool, the more visitors you get to your website, and the higher chances to convert leads into buyers. Also, these SEO Software for Small Businesses help you make the most of your available time and resources to remain competitive in the industry. If you are new to SEO and digital marketing, you might have a hard time selecting the right SEO solution for your business, one that is worth your money and efforts. We also know that small businesses have a limited budget. Therefore, we have listed the best SEO Software for Small Businesses that you can use without straining your pockets. Have a look:


SEMrush is a widely-popular multipurpose name in SEO Software for Small Businesses with a huge database of 20 million keywords and 310 million ads that are informed by 17 billion URL crawls every day. It is a subscription-based digital marketing brand that combines the powerful features of other SEO solutions, such as Google Trends Moz, and Hootsuite. Hence, making it a comprehensive platform for backlink analysis, marketing & advertising, and keyword research. SEMrush is your go-to online visibility management SaaS solution that powers over 40 different SEO tools and helps users with every aspect of digital marketing, from competitive analysis to Google Ads, and more. You can find more than 50 tools, products, and add-ons, including tools for social media, search, data, content, and market research for over 140 countries. 

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SEMrush seamlessly integrates with task management and Google platforms, making it a key tool for all organizations that are serious about their online presence. Using the data provided by the tool, you can find relevant keywords with less competition, create reports and charts, and optimize your SEO content. Although SEMrush is an ideal choice for small businesses, it is also highly recommended for managing and monitoring specific projects. It monitors over 200 million unique domains across 142 geo databases. With such impressive numbers and features, no wonder that SEMrush boasts more than 7 million users, including some of the leading global brands. 


  • An excellent database for new keywords research, including local estimated search volumes and competitive analysis.
  • Automatically scheduled SEO reports
  • Detailed on-page website audit to ensure optimized website pages for search ranking.
  • A unique listing management add-on feature distributes public business information to directory sites and lets users manage their Google and Facebook listings.
  • Gap analysis features to discover the topics and keywords that can be improved.


Mangools is one of the most favorite option among SEO Software for Small Businesses that is quite easy and straightforward to use even for beginners. It includes features, such as backlink analysis, SERP analysis, a profiler for SEO metrics and insights, a rank checker, and more. Using Mangools, keyword research can be quite simple as you just have to input a competitor’s website and the tool will evaluate it for you. You can analyze search engine results in over 52,000 locations and ensure local accuracy on top of the powerful SERP Watcher features. The platform offers a range of SEO tools that help professionals and users perform SERP analysis, identify the best content that adds the most value, audit sites, check SEO authority, and much more through a robust system. However, its most popular solution is KWFinder, which makes it easier for users to track down low-difficulty and long-tail keywords. 

Mangools comes with a scalable pricing structure and a free version that works well for users. You can upgrade to a paid option to leverage advanced features. There is a 10-day free trial so you can review Mangools before paying any money for premium versions. It is used by some of the prominent businesses and organizations, earning it a strong global reputation. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Analyze search engine results across thousands of locations
  • Audit your complete website 
  • Economical than other SEO tools
  • Track keywords that are easier to rank

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive SEO tool designed to make the lives of SEO professionals, digital marketers, webmasters, and website owners easier. It is an all-in-one platform that is used by more than two million customers and leading organizations. The solution features a link assistant- for link building and outreach campaigns, a rank tracker- for keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking, a website auditor- to optimize website structure and improve on-page optimization, and a new add-on- SEO Spyglass- to discover and analyze backlinks. Each tool specializes in specific SEO tasks, from tracking progress and optimization to enhancing the quality of content and more, saving a lot of valuable time for users. Additional powerful features and outreach tools make many of the key tasks fully automated. 

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SEO PowerSuite takes care of many aspects of SEO as well and integrates seamlessly with third-party apps to streamline the data. Users can try the tool for free but for advanced features and professional level capabilities, it is better to opt for paid license. The professional level costs $299 per month while the enterprise-level subscription costs $699 per month. The best part is that the free version has no expiration date so users can use it without any restrictions until they are ready to upgrade their plan. 


  • Feature-rich SEO tools at the most competitive prices
  • Develop sustainable SEO campaigns without using any other tool.
  • No limits as to what users can do with SEO PowerSuite, create unlimited projects, conduct unlimited keyword research, add unlimited client websites, and audit big sites.
  • A dedicated customer support group on Facebook shows that the company values its customers.
  • Reverse engineer competitors’ SEO to find the most effective strategies to gain higher rankings in search engines. Competitor analysis tools to increase website traffic can also help for keeping close watch on competitors.

Surfer SEO

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website from your content marketing efforts? Then Surfer SEO is a perfect choice. It is a content intelligence tool that is leading the industry with its data-driven features for content auditing, keyword research, SERP analysis, content planning, and SEO optimization. To identify target keywords, it evaluates 50 pages and 500+ factors so you can create content that Google loves and ranks in the top results. The platform combines content creation, strategy, and optimization into a single streamlined process, helping the content team grow organic traffic, brand reach, and revenue. The tool is so simple to work with that it comprises a customer base of more than 4500 SEO specialists and digital marketers. 

Surfer SEO was built with one mission- to support users in delivering the best, high-quality, and most relevant content. Hence, it emphasizes aligning user satisfaction and marketing results. Use its smart algorithms to explore the best content opportunities and strategize content earlier to create compelling web pages. You need to enter desired keywords and Surfer SEO will reverse-engineer the results for related headings, terms, word count, questions, images, and more. Its monthly subscription ranges from $29 to $649 so there is something for everyone, be it a small business or a large enterprise. 


  • Competitor analysis and content optimization guidelines help you save significant time optimizing content.
  • Copy-paste content across the Surfer content editor, Google Docs, and WordPress for a smooth content editing experience.
  • Know where your content stands in comparison to your competitors for any given keyword.
  • Based on Surfer SEO’s NLP (natural language processing), create hyper-relevant articles and landing pages.
  • Based on your focused keyword, its content planner uses multiple layers of data and shows the most relevant topic ideas and related terms.


Serpstat was initially designed as a keyword research tool in 2013 but soon it evolved as an all-in-one SEO platform, offering essential tools to professional digital marketers across the world. It is quite a big deal in the search engine optimization landscape that does pretty much everything, be it keyword research, SERP analysis, or link-building insight. The platform is the fastest-growing SEO solution that provides complete search analytics data and records more than 200,000 active users. It offers over 20 tools, including backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site audit, text analytics, keyword research, rank tracker, and more. You can accomplish more with Serpstat, such as identifying the best backlink sources, finding keywords that work best for your website, checking SEO errors, analyzing competitors’ SEO tactics, finding the best topic ideas for content marketing, seeing how successful sites work with anchors, and much more.

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It’s not just the features of Serpstat that make it stand out from others but its impeccable reputation and top rank across various platforms also gain a strong reputation. Users can seek attractive offers and discounts using digital marketing software from Serpstat Partners. Its paid plan starts at $69 with a 20% discount if billed annually. 


  • Find website pages that have the highest potential and track the progress of your website daily.
  • Create SEO reports and strategies for your business or clients by tracking visibility and keyword trends.
  • Use API to create any search analytics tool you need.
  • 5 essential SEO tools for professional digital marketers worldwide.
  • Comprehensive search analytics data.


These are the SEO Software for Small Businesses that help you save your resources, time, and efforts while improving your business visibility. You can also make use of SEO ranking checker tools for better results, to drive more leads and sales. This list of the best SEO Software for Small Businesses would surely assist you to have a solid start, lay a strong business foundation, track progress, and achieve great digital marketing results. Your final decision to choose the right SEO platform will depend on various factors, including budget, goals, and more. But make sure that you choose an all-in-one platform that caters to all your needs and meets your expectations. 


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