Best Premium WordPress Themes to Look Out For in 2021

Best premium wordpress themes

As a website builder and web hosting solution, WordPress is recognised for its customizability and versatility. You can create a site using free themes, but if you want the greatest, most up-to-date, and most detailed site, you’ll need to go to the Premium section.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of five intriguing topics for you to consider.


As of this writing, Avada is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes on ThemeForest, with over 732,000 purchases and an almost 5-star rating based on over 24,000 reviews. And there’s a reason for that: it’s simply one of the greatest premium themes available. It allows you to quickly create a layout with amazing customizability thanks to the included Avada Builder plugin. Not only is it responsive, adjusting to the screen it’s being seen on, but it’s also ready for translation, with RTL support (Right to Left).

Avada comes with 80 website themes, allowing you to build and publish a website in no time. It also comes with a number of pre-built layouts that may be customised to fit your needs if you don’t like the default setup or just want your site to stand out. You may, for example, totally customise the header and footer of the pages to meet your needs, all with the click of a button. If you want to build up an online store, it’s also completely compatible with WooCommerce. The entry fee is merely $60, and it includes lifetime upgrades as well as six months of tech assistance. For an extra $18, you can continue your support for another six months.

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Another popular premium WordPress theme is BeTheme. It comes with over 600 pre-built websites to help you get up and running quickly, as you can take inspiration from previous work and easily customise it to give it that one-of-a-kind appearance and feel that will entice your visitors and clients in. Those templates are separated into several categories, making it simple to choose the perfect style for you. The theme is extremely adaptable, allowing you to use it for whatever sort of website you choose.

Muffin Builder is included with BeTheme and allows you to design and customise your site and pages using containers. You can also make global adjustments, which saves a lot of time, and you don’t need to know any code to alter the templates, just as with any advanced themes. This theme has many of the contemporary features you’ve come to expect, such as responsiveness and retina compatibility, translation and RTL support, and the ability to use parallax effects and video backgrounds, to mention a few. BeTheme, like Avada, is available on ThemeForest for $59, which includes all future updates and six months of support (with an additional six months of support available for $17.63).


Kallyas is another another drag-and-drop theme. It doesn’t have as many templates as BeTheme (about 70 vs. over 600), but honestly, how many do you really need as long as you pick one that appeals to you? It’s worth noting that, like the others, the theme is totally responsive and retina-ready, and it contains all of the most recent features, such as translation readiness and RTL support.

Kallyas comes with a live page builder that allows you to drag and drop your site and pages, and it can be linked with WooCommerce so you can easily construct your own online store. MailChimp integration is also standard. It contains various blog and portfolio layouts, as well as a large range of sliders and a lifetime of free upgrades, including any future page designs and features as they become available. For only $69.00, you can get all of this.


Monstroid2 has more than 50 pre-built websites, with a new one being released every week, so the collection will continue to expand. It has a wide range of animation effects to make your page more visually appealing than static text, photos, and buttons. Customization options are vast, and you may apply multiple layouts to different areas of your website, resulting in unique designs. The theme features WooCommerce integration as well as a number of Jet plugins, making the pricing more reasonable. Monstroid2 will set you back $95, and it comes with a lifetime of upgrades and support.


Oshine is a WordPress theme for photographers that focuses on producing visually appealing portfolios. But it isn’t the only thing this theme has to offer. It features six distinct blog designs, support for parallax, and video backdrops, and can be linked with the famous WooCommerce plugin to let you start your own online company. It has a variety of header and menu styles, including the ability to make them translucent and/or sticky, among other things. There are galleries dedicated to showing your Instagram and Flickr collections, and the black and white hover effect is basic yet effective. Oshine is available for $59, and like the other ThemeForest themes, it comes with a lifetime of updates and six months of support, with an additional six months available for $17.63.

What Are the Benefits of Using Premium WordPress Themes?


When we create new theme features, we initially implement them in our premium themes. Customers who pay will always be taken care of and will always be prioritised when it comes to new features and capabilities. The new functionality will ultimately surface in free themes due to a trickle-down effect, but this will take time. Premium themes are demonstrations of a developer’s abilities, as seen by their quality and usefulness.


We have no objections to free themes. Astra is a free theme, and we recommend a lot of free themes. However, many developers’ business models enable premium themes. They sell more the better they are. That implies a premium theme’s creators devote a lot more time and attention to each and every detail. As a result, the product is of greater quality.

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While many premium WordPress themes for bloggers may be installed and ready to use with just one click, most customers choose to tweak them a bit to make them their own. Customization is considerably easier with premium themes than with free themes. Most premium themes have page builders, which allow anybody, regardless of ability level, to customise their theme without touching a line of code. Some free themes, such as Elementor or Brizy, may be used with page builders, but the majority do not. The majority of people will utilise the WordPress Customizer or leave you to make your own modifications.


Supporting smaller displays is increasingly a need on the web, because to the rapid growth of mobile internet access. It’s critical to be able to do it without having to recode or utilise a plugin, as most premium themes do. Although all WordPress themes should be responsive, we’ve found that not all of them are. Some free themes will require some effort to make them completely responsive, but most premium themes include it as a feature.


In the context of WordPress themes, security refers to code that is free of vulnerabilities. That means the theme is simple and well-coded, leaving minimal room for hackers to exploit. It also entails not relying on too many third-party applications to offer functionality, as they might be vulnerable to hacking. Premium themes will also be updated on a regular basis to address any code flaws and address any security issues discovered after launch.

Updates on a regular basis

Code changes, new functionality, improved features and components, and whatever else we come up with to enhance will all be included in those frequent updates. Our latest Astra 3.0 version, for example, improves page loading times, offers a new Header Footer builder, and speeds up the back-end customizer. Free themes are rarely supported. The theme that you download is the theme that you will receive.


The majority of free themes come with little or no support. Any assistance you receive will be on a ‘best effort’ basis. When the developer has completed supporting their premium themes, they will assist with their free themes as time allows. If you’re new to WordPress and run into a problem, you may have to wait days for a response to a support inquiry or figure things out on your own.

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Advantages of SEO

The majority of newer premium WordPress themes integrate SEO best practises to offer your website an advantage in search engines. These best practises are always evolving. If a theme hasn’t been changed in over a year, it’s unlikely to still be best practise.

Documentation is extensive

Customers need documentation to feel free and supported. While we offer industry-leading customer service, some customers choose to solve problems on their own. This is when excellent documentation comes into play. Free themes may have decent documentation, but it will not be changed, enhanced, or updated on a regular basis to reflect SEO best practises or changes in behaviour.

Final Thoughts

It is well worth investing for a WordPress premium theme if you value any of the reasons listed above. A premium theme is a no-brainer if you’re establishing a website for a business, charity, or organisation of any type. You need to represent that company well, and you won’t be able to do it with a free theme unless you’re a talented developer with plenty of spare time.

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