Best Podcast Hosting Platforms To Check in 2022


The popularity of podcast shows has been growing through the roof over the past years as the concept has completely changed the way people consume information. Earlier, listeners would only rely on media channels for their daily dose of news but then a new idea emerged and captured the world- podcast. People can now choose who they want to listen to, have a different take on the news, and consume audio content. Hence, more and more podcasters are starting their shows across multiple channels. As of right now, there are more than 800,000 active podcasts. 

Of course, running a podcast is time and cost-intensive. Also, it needs a significant amount of planning and thought. One of the crucial decisions that surely have a bearing on the success of your podcast is choosing the right option from the podcast hosting platforms. You have a myriad of options for hosting your podcast, with each platform vying for your attention with a unique set of features to suit different needs. We have tested, reviewed, and then listed the best podcast hosting platforms for you. Have a look: 

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Here is an amazing podcast-specific platform for you – Buzzsprout Podcasting Hosting. It is a popular option to start a podcast in the easiest and most hassle-free way possible. Also, it is a great program for podcasters in the business field and those who want to promote podcasting. Use it as a service or to handle your podcast hosting for you. Also, get it listed in top podcast directories, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, etc. Buzzsprout is used by most podcasts hosts across the world as it offers really useful resources and features required to start and grow a podcast with minimum expenditure. It also allows you to track the performance of your podcast easily so you can make improvements on time. The platform optimizes episodes automatically, makes them more accessible with transcriptions, and adds pre-roll and post-roll to them. 

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Buzzsprout has one of the best-designed dashboards, which lets you spend more time creating amazing content rather than messing around with uploads. Another best part is that it is regularly coming up with updates and new features for users. It is a leading host that’s been in this business since 2009 and is now trusted by over 100,000 podcasters worldwide. Also, it is one of the only companies that offer a completely free plan with unlimited team member accounts. With the free version, you can upload two hours of content hosted for 90 days. If you want to continue with podcasting, easily scale up and upgrade your plan based on content and time you need to upload per month.


Affiliates can hardly imagine their lives without websites like Fiverr, which is a renowned marketplace for all creators to sell their wares. And guess what, they do this for as little as $5, hence all the hype and name. Things have changed a bit recently where the most basic gig costs around $10 each. You can find website designers, book editors, writers, graphic artists, programmers, voice artists, and whatnot on Fiverr. They can also find private cooking and fitness lessons on the website. 

Fiverr is your go-to resource so you can stay on track with your podcast content. Considering the amount of personal investment you put into a podcast, handing your work to someone else can be scary. However, Fiverr can help you with podcasts by showing who can help you, what they can do for you, and how. From music composition, transcription, editing, show notes, and more, nearly any task that you need for your podcast, there’s someone on Fiverr who wants to do it for you.


Transistor is relatively a newer name among podcast hosting platforms and analytics platform with a great team to support users. It is focused on brands with one of their early customers being Cards Against Humanity, along with people who take podcasting seriously and not just as a hobby. It also comes with a private podcasting feature that has just been made better. As you host multiple shows, create both private and public podcasts under the same account without shelling out for a new hosting plan. With Transistor, you get advanced analytics to track and monitor your podcast’s performance. In addition to the usual metrics, such as average episode downloads, the number of subscribers, etc., the platform breaks down the number of visitors for each of your episodes over a period.

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The podcasters on Transistor get built-in analytics and almost everything they need to grow their podcast audience. It also offers high-quality, professional service, hosting some popular podcasts, which include Drift, Honeybadger, and Cards Against Humanity. The embed code allows you to easily add every episode to your WordPress posts and pages. In case a host doesn’t have a website, then the platform can quickly create one for you. However, one drawback is that their plans restrict the number of downloads. Therefore, you need to upgrade your plan as your podcast grows.


Captivate is another option in amazing podcast hosting platforms, designed by the same team that has been running Podcast Websites for years and their experience in the podcast industry definitely shows. It has a bunch of other useful features, such as batch uploading, smart UI, default schedule time, WordPress integration with a custom plugin, and a lot more. One more cool thing they have just added to the platform is a great-looking and easy-to-generate podcast sponsorship kit PDF so you can highlight recent episodes and show key download numbers. Captivate comes with all the tools that podcasters need for making their voices heard by maximum audiences. From the platform’s simple interface to 24/7 customer support, it takes care of every aspect so you don’t have to worry about podcast setup and focus on your content.

Its other standout growth features include an automatic podcast website and built-in calls to action. All the plans have a customizable and mobile-friendly website with donation support built-in. Moreover, you can build an email list and generate new leads with podcast player calls to action. So, someone who is listening to your podcast player can sign-up directly to your email list via an opt-in form. You can also look for the best email marketing tools for engaging customers. Host an unlimited number of podcasts starting at $19/month for 12,000 downloads, which is more than enough for 97% of podcasters. There is no limit to core features by the plan you choose, which is hard to say for others.


Castos Podcast Hosting is trusted by thousands of podcasters for its excellent features. The platform integrates seamlessly with WordPress and owns the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin so you can manage your feed and upload new episodes using WordPress. Other podcast hosting sites are too restricted, they either encourage you to upgrade to a higher plan or migrate to another host. However, this is not an issue with Castos, and all thanks to its unlimited storage and bandwidth. This lets you publish as many shows and gather as many listeners as you can. 

Castos is certainly one of the most cherished platforms for podcasters for its handful of highly appreciated tools and integrations that take your shows to the next level. For $19/month, You get unlimited upload volume and download bandwidth. Also, you get an excellent customizable player to embed on your website. It offers a 14-day free trial and if you pay for the year upfront, you get 2 months free.

If you’re dedicated to and serious about growing your podcast, then is your reliable partner to achieve your goal. The platform has unlimited storage and bandwidth, making it perfect for more prominent podcasts. The solution offers a wide range of tools, including episode scheduling and social media integration, so you can easily manage your podcast and engage with your audience. is one of the original platforms in the podcasting space, introducing tools and resources since 2005. It allows you to get started and set everything up completely free. Once your first episode is published, you will need to choose a paid plan. 

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Podcasters who are already using appreciate the ease with which this platform enables them to get started, in mere five minutes, most users can be up and running. Use’s partnerships to boost your audience and find the right sponsor to meet their needs. comes with unlimited downloads and episodes that one can record, and it is easy for users to scale their podcast’s growth, even if they are starting from just a few episodes and getting to hundreds or even thousands of regular listeners.


These are the 6 top podcast hosting platforms that you can consider to start your podcast and reach a larger number of listeners. Yes, picking one from so many options may be difficult but focus on what you and your audience want. You don’t have to follow any standard rule to choose the right platform. Think about your goals and what you can find useful in these available options. 


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