Best Paid Ecommerce WordPress Themes to lookout in 2021

Best Paid Ecommerce Wordpress themes

What better way to shop than from the convenience of your own couch… or bed? Online shopping has changed the way we purchase, so why should Amazon get all of the profits? If you have an online company concept, now is probably the greatest time to get started, and if you’re using WordPress as your website builder and web hosting option, we’ve compiled six excellent e-commerce themes to help you get started.

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The WordPress theme Astra is highly popular. It’s no minor achievement that they recently achieved their one millionth active install. It’s meant to operate with a variety of page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Gutenberg, and is available in both a free and premium edition; however, if you want e-commerce functionality, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

Infinite Scroll, which dynamically loads your products as the visitor scrolls down the page, Off-Canvas Sidebar, which is an ideal place to incorporate filters and widgets to make finding what your customer is looking for faster and easier, and multiple Checkout Options, which allow you to customise the layout to suit your and your users’ needs, such as two-step checkout or distraction-free checkout, are just a few of the sales-friendly features unique to the pro version.

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You can change the layout, the typography, and even turn off the title page and sidebar if you want to, all without needing to know how to code. The best part is that Astra is marketed as a fast responsive theme, which means it will load quickly and keep your visitors on your site. Astra provides three distinct options, ranging from $47 per year (or $249 for a one-time charge) to $249 per year (or $699 for a one-time fee) for Astra Growth Bundle.


Flatsome’s design aims to make ecommerce more accessible to individuals on both sides of the screen. That’s one of the reasons it’s ThemeForest’s most popular WordPress theme. Its flexibility makes it simple to use, especially when you need to make fast adjustments to your site, add new goods, or even perform a total revamp. Flatsome’s designs are user-friendly and updated on a regular basis to keep things up to date.

If you utilise WooCommerce, you should know that Flatsome is the most popular WooCommerce theme, with hundreds of 5-star ratings. Start with one of the templates that corresponds to your online store’s brand. There are several alternatives available to you. It offers less design options than Divi and Astra, with approximately 300 templates for personalization. The good news is that Flatsome takes care of the majority of the work for you if you don’t want a complicated website. Furthermore, its quick loading times and straightforward design contribute to a pleasant user experience.

Flatsome makes it simple to keep your site up to date, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it. They say that utilising their responsive Live Page Builder and a vast library of building and customisable components, you don’t need any coding knowledge to get the most out of their theme. There is no free version of Flatsome. You get all the features of a standard licence only $59 dollars.


To assist you in building your site, Porto includes an ecommerce-specific design with over 20 preset examples. It even categorises its design variants into categories, making it simple to choose the ideal one for your company without having to trawl through a long number of options. Many of Porto’s designs are identical, so if you’re looking for something entirely unique, this may not be the place to go. The designs it does provide, on the other hand, give every site a practical, clean appearance that is suitable for any online sector.

You may customise your site to reflect your brand by tailoring it to what you sell. You have everything you need to help your listings stand out, including customised headers, product quick views, and product page personalization. Porto features six distinct types of product detail pages to provide your consumers the precise view of your items they want, as well as a comprehensive library of documentation and quick assistance to get your site up and running quickly.

When it comes to conversions, Porto’s SEO-friendly structure makes it easier for you to get found in searches. Customers will want to stay on your site longer if you use a responsive, well-organized theme. Porto is even Retina-ready, so you won’t have any trouble showing off high-resolution pictures. This theme is available on ThemeForest for $35 for a standard licence.

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Shopkeeper prioritises conversions and sales for your business, putting ecommerce first. You have all the tools you need to attract customers with full product pages for long-form text, reviews, pictures, and related items. Shopkeeper is a good choice for novices and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their website before selling their items. You won’t have to bother about coding because this theme comes with pre-built layouts for your homepage and specific product pages.

Site maintenance is made easier with auto-updates. Shopkeeper also makes it simple to design the ecommerce site you want with drag-and-drop page creation and a variety of styling options. It even includes a built-in blog and portfolio area. Shopkeeper features a Catalog Mode where you can easily turn on and off the ability to make a purchase if you ever need to disable it, such as if you’re out of stock. Users may still browse your goods and descriptions, as well as read your blog, when your site is in Catalog Mode. This ecommerce WordPress theme provides the basis for a high-quality business with a responsive, fast-loading design. It comes with everything you need to impress and convert site visitors for $59 for a standard licence.


Ecommerce capabilities, built-in SEO, and even language translation are all included in OceanWP’s responsive, fast-loading theme. You won’t have to worry about adding on extras because it includes built-in ecommerce functionality. Ocean WP works nicely with other page builders as well. The native cart popup included in this ecommerce WordPress theme boosts conversion rates by an average of 8%. When you combine it with the floating add to cart bar, which boosts conversions by 5% on average, you’ve got a formula for increased sales just by picking the appropriate theme.

OceanWP provides a fantastic customer experience by using Quick View, which allows users to hover over a product listing to get additional details without having to navigate to another page. Ocean WP is highly praised for its quick loading times. Importing live demos is another option that will give your consumers a better knowledge of your items. Before purchasing the premium version, you may test the free OceanWP theme. You have three tiers to choose from once you’ve decided to buy:

  • Personal: $39 per year or $159 for a single-site lifetime licence.
  • Business: $79 per year or $319 for a three-site lifetime licence.
  • Agency: $129 per year or $519 for a 25-site lifetime licence.

The higher levels, however, do not provide any extra features. You’ll have to pay extra if you want to use the theme on several sites.


Divi is a versatile WordPress ecommerce theme with over 1,000 layouts to choose from. You gain access to Elegant Themes’ other products, including Extra, Bloom, and Monarch, when you buy Divi. There is no free version of Divi, and there is only one premium tier. You receive a theme that allows you to modify your shop’s design more than any other for $67 a year or $187 for life. It even has a design layout tailored to ecommerce.

Advanced code editing, filters and effects, animations, shape dividers, shadows, and element style are just a few of the Divi capabilities. You’ll never run out of options for making your website fit your brand. Better still, it includes helpful tools for both you and your clients. You won’t have to spend hours redesigning your site thanks to features like multi-select and bulk editing, copy and paste styles, extensible styles, and Divi fast editing. You can also use WooCommerce modules to build product layouts to make your products stand out.

Divi has built-in marketing capabilities in addition to the design elements. It can also work with Elegant Themes’ other products, such as Monarch, which helps you grow your social following and reach, and Bloom, an email opt-in and lead generating plugin.

Divi also has a comprehensive help section with Quick Action to assist users in finding video lessons and searching all available settings so they can get the most out of their site.

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Final Thoughts

It’s more than simply aesthetics when it comes to choosing a WordPress ecommerce theme. It’s also important for your optimization. With over 11,000 WordPress themes to choose from, the possibilities may be daunting. Knowing exactly what you want for your online store will assist you in determining which theme would best suit your needs before committing. Free themes are available, but in most situations, you’ll want to invest in a premium theme. The style, usability, SEO features, and customizability of paid themes are typically superior.

You should also consider some aspects that are common to all themes, such as simplicity of use, visual appeal, and SEO rankings. Follow the three-click rule when it comes to being user-friendly and accessible. To put it another way, customers should be able to locate what they’re looking for in three clicks. There isn’t a single ecommerce WordPress theme that is ideal for every store. Based on your products, niche, and personal preferences, choose the best one for you. While you should think about your customer’s experience, you should also think about your own. A well-designed theme may make or destroy your ecommerce business, so carefully consider each aspect before deciding.

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