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Online forms and questionnaires help you understand customers better and learn further about their interests. Creating online surveys and polls is now too easy, thanks to some amazing online survey tools that make the entire process super easy and quick. Yes, you can find a few CRM solutions with built-in feedback options but they are not always configurable. On the other hand, survey platforms are seamlessly configurable and can analyze responses accurately. Also, they simplify the experience for users giving feedback. 

There are a plethora of great survey creators out there that help you craft online questionnaires efficiently. While selecting the right online survey solution, you can choose between paid and free options. We have listed 6 such options that are most trusted by users across the globe. Have a look and pick your favorite.


Typeform is a SaaS company that allows users to create their online surveys, quizzes, surveys, forms through an easy-to-use intuitive interface. While other tools focus on complicated questionnaires and how to extract more data, Typeform is known for its completely different approach. It prioritizes user interaction and believes that the best way to get a response is to engage users. This methodology is surely working well for many businesses with an average of four times the completion rate over the industry standard. Using this platform is actually fun even when you have to gather data as it boasts better data quality and higher survey completion rates than many other tools. It is compatible with all devices and its interface shows one question at a time. Also, the software’s editor enables you to drag and drop the form fields into the chosen spots. 

Typeform offers question branching, built-in data analysis tools, skip logic, and several other features that are essential for online surveys. Its core plan, which is a free version, includes custom-designed themes, unlimited Q&As, data export options, ready-made templates along with other basic reporting features. If you upgrade to the Professional plan, then you get up to 5,000 responses, unlimited logic jumps, conversion tracking, and HubSpot integration. Pay yearly for the discounted Professional plan. Although these plans are restricted to a single user, you can opt for Enterprise deals.

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Basic- $25/month

Plus- $50/month

Business- $83/month


One of the most well-known and successful online survey solutions, popping up on almost every list of the best survey tools, SurveyMonkey claims to have over 40 million registered customers. It offers 15 types of diverse survey questions, including open comments and Likert scales. It allows users to create comprehensive questionnaires and offers data analysis tools to collect all responses and provide an accurate answer. Even users with no coding skills can create complex question sets and process responses without any hassle. In fact, SurveyMonkey is popular for its unprecedented ease of use, enabling beginners and inexperienced users to create detailed surveys, distribute them to the right people, and get actionable insights into data using built-in tools. Its amazing set of features helps you collect online and offline data through mobile devices. The tool is perfect for planning events, engaging employees, crunching numbers, and researching the target market. 

SurveyMonkey lets you generate reports and take backup of survey data. With offerings, such as customizable themes and a simplified user interface, it is undoubtedly among the best tools. However, there are a few restrictions as well. It lacks a feature that makes it inefficient for measuring overall satisfaction or re-surveying customers after a gap. You can sign up for a free plan to create surveys within no time but it won’t give you access to the data collected in CSV or Excel XLS until you upgrade to a paid version. You even have to shell out more to get 1000+ responses every month or use sophisticated branching and pipeline features. 


Personal Plans

Starter Annual- $16/month

Advantage Annual- $32/month

Standard Monthly- $99/month

Premier Annual- $119/month

Team Advantage- $25/user/month

Team Premier- $75/user/month

Enterprise- Available on request

Google Forms

Many businesses don’t need a complicated tool. They want a simple method to ask their target customers about their reviews regarding seminars and products and how to make things better for them. Google Form is a popular webinar solution that fits perfectly with these requirements as it demands little or no experience. It is available for free as a personal edition and as a part of the G Suite for business platform. Google Form is a globally-used tool that lets you create surveys instantly and easily with its drag and drop interface. You can organize information according to your needs and decide the length of every questionnaire. Moreover, you get real-time response charts and details that are stored automatically into Google Sheets and can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet or database later. It’s a responsive survey tool with dozens of customizable themes, multiple grids, a drop and down design, and built-in analysis tools, making it a favorite for millions of users. 

Google Form is available for all Google Account users and complements Google apps accordingly. You simply need to pick a form, add videos or images, and you are ready to collect the required information for your online survey. Also, you are free to edit forms anytime. Its data validation rules format the email addresses correctly so people can get suitable questions. It is also an excellent quiz maker for educational professionals. 

You can gather everything in something like a spreadsheet and analyze the data in Google Sheets. With data validation rules, the email addresses can be formatted correctly and people can get suitable questions for them. Google Forms serve as an excellent quiz maker too, especially for educational professionals. The downside is that recipients must have a Google Account and log in with it to fill a survey multiple times. Also, it limits the number of users when it comes to collecting payments and creating complex workflows. 

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It is completely free, you just need a Google account to use it.


With SoGoSurvey, you can easily automate data collection through an online survey. It is a detailed solution for small and large enterprises that enables you to effortlessly create questionnaires that meet your requirements perfectly. If you want an affordable survey platform with powerful data analytics, then SoGoSurvey is perfect for you. It covers all the crucial elements of online surveys, from customer feedback and quizzes to employee engagement and market research, and more. It also offers ‘survey banks’ and plenty of template options with built-in question models. You can not only design surveys easily but also distribute and share them across multiple platforms and review the results using live reports. The best part is that you get access to survey templates for every market, be it feedback forms, event surveys, customer retention surveys, and more. Automate the feedback process by connecting API to a CRM system. Also, its Natural Language Processing feature automatically analyzes text responses and caters to customer needs more efficiently. 

SoGoSurvey comes with pre-designed templates, trackers, reminders, automatic translation, quota management, and more. Robust data security, intuitive UI, deep analytical reports to measure response sentiments, and responsive customer support make the platform a great tool to be considered. Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to manipulate questions and extract accurate feedback. On the downside, the solution has a steep learning curve and its free version has limited functionality. 


Plus- $25/month

Pro- $66/month

Premium- $99/month

Enterprise- Call for price


SurveySparrow is another popular survey software for every user, from large companies to individual contributors, and more. Leverage its easy-to-use online web application to create and publish surveys on the internet within minutes. You can turn boring and lengthy surveys into engaging a chat-like experience and pleasant conversations using your smartphones. It has a friendly Conversational User Interface (CUI) that resembles a messaging app. It is a great tool to engage more people with instant polls and find out more about customers and their preferences. Choose from a range of templates or build one from scratch. Features, such as drag and drop, display logic, and many others keep surveys interesting for all respondents. 

SurveySparrow lets you get quick responses for all kinds of surveys with its perfect amount of features that make the process even more effective. The built-in automation allows you to schedule re-surveying at regular intervals and you can share results across multiple channels with their respective audiences. There is no learning curve and you can easily comprehend the collected data and real-time responses with its analytic reports and insights. Also, share media files, such as images and videos with your audience. And yes, it’s affordable too. 

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Personal- 0-$29/month

Business- $99-$499/month

NPS- 0-$299/month

Assessment- $79/subject

Zoho Survey

Zoho is known for creating intuitive online surveys and questionnaires in just a few minutes that can reach a large audience across different platforms and devices. It includes all kinds of customizable options required to build unique forms and surveys. This highly user-friendly platform comprises several rich features and works seamlessly to meet all your basic needs. You get real-time feedback in a graph-based format so you can understand the results easily. Its in-built 250 templates include almost every category, such as education, marketing, customer satisfaction, market research, company resources, healthcare, event, employee engagement and satisfaction, and many more. Moreover, you can create personalized themes to make your brand stand out and recognizable. Access over 25 types of questions while creating multilingual surveys. 

Zoho Survey makes it pretty easy for you to reach an audience through email campaigns, web links, custom domain links, etc. You can collect results, embed them on your site and emails, and analyze reports to make wise decisions. However, the solution is not capable enough to handle complex requirements. Also, it lacks customizing options and a modern user interface. 


Free- $0 per month

Plus- $25 per month

Pro- $35 per month

Enterprise- $75 per month


In this competitive world, everyone is trying to be the best and unique but that is simply not possible anymore. It is getting tougher every day to retain customers and make them stay. So, make sure that you know what your customers want and need at that moment because what you already thought might have fled from their minds already. Embrace new technologies like survey tools, social media marketing tools etc., and prepare your business for tomorrow. Choose the right survey tool that works best for your and your audience. All the best!


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