Best Lead Management Software To Check in 2022

Lead management software

Lead Management Software is the most reliable and efficient way to monitor and nurture your leads at scale. These advanced tools ensure that your leads turn into paying customers in no time. Why? Because you cannot get this tricky job done manually- you need a feature-packed solution to accomplish your goals. These platforms help you seize the best opportunities in your sales pipeline. 

We have outlined the best lead management software that you can use for your business. is one of the best software for small and large businesses with team efficiency and organization at its core. The platform simplifies pipeline management and connects every department of an organization irrespective of its size. Hence, making inter-departmental communication and task allocation a success, two factors that are often overlooked by many. This is a primary reason that we have included on this list. With, you can manage customer interaction, data, and processes the way you like. Also, you can visualize all the sales tasks in logical positions on a website page so one doesn’t find themselves either overwhelmed or lost. It keeps all your data protected and allows you to build a customized dashboard to meet your needs. 

Also Read: Best Competitor Analysis Tools To Increase Website Traffic comes with a lead management template that automatically transforms it into a lead management tool and all the key features. It also integrates seamlessly with other tools that you are using already without a single line of code. The platform boasts excellent automation capabilities to eliminate repetitive tasks. It automatically inserts leads captured on forms and also enables you to insert leads by importing them using different tools. 

To make this even easier, we recommend integrating it with Clearbit. This populates the system with all the information about leads. You simply need to add the company’s name and business information to populate the leads board without data entry leg work or research. 

Key Features

  • Gain quick insights and a clear overview of sales and performance through the dashboard.
  • Capture leads online through an integrated contact form.
  • Set automatic reminders, due-date notifications, and assign tasks to teammates automatically.
  • Put repetitive tasks on autopilot to automate your sales pipeline.
  • Highly secure and reliable platform to refine your sales process.
  • Get help with post-sale activities. 
  • Overview of overall business opportunities.


One thing that businesses have always and should emphasize is ‘working smarter, not harder.’ This has been achieved by Zoho’s suite of automation tools used to get high-quality leads. Leading this fleet of amazing features is the SalesSignals which allows users to monitor all prospects from multiple channels and notifies in real-time whenever the brand gets mentioned. You can also integrate Zoho with any webinar hosting platform if you want to include webinars in your marketing strategy and sync all the crucial information to the CRM. Zoho also has an AI-powered sales assistant called Zia that is designed specifically to enrich collected data about your leads. You can use this enhanced information to personalize your marketing campaigns and drive more sales in the process. 

Zoho CRM is a great Lead Management software to create and send email campaigns directly and ensure success by using subscribers’ details, such as their location, buying history, preferences, previous interactions, etc. This is not it. The platform also simplifies delegation. A sales manager can use predefined workflow rules to assign leads to different sales representatives based on department, product, and geography. This will ensure that priority leads get instant follow-up through a round-robin approach. 

You can opt for a free version of Zoho CRM but it is limited to three users. For advanced features and customization, paid plans are better. From different versions, select the one that suits your needs, budget, and expectations. 

Key Features

  • Capable of managing email marketing.
  • Digitize business leads using a built-in business card scanner on smartphones.
  • Visualize leads in multiple drag-and-drop pipelines.
  • Source tracking available.
  • Mobile device compatibility.
  • Manage leads from the inbox with a handy email sidebar.


Whether you are a property agent or an e-commerce business owner, Pipedrive is the perfect tool for you with its impressive set of features that ensure that none of your leads go stale ever. Living up to its name, Pipedrive helps you start with a standard sales pipeline as soon as you log in. Hence, the sales team can immediately start inputting their ideas, current deals, and tasks into the platform. Also, it is easier to change the pipeline structure even if it’s for a day. The tool offers exceptional features, such as email integration, data import-export, pipeline management, sales reporting & forecasting, activities management, and much more. From small to medium businesses, this highly effective platform provides a detailed and accurate picture of existing as well as historic deals. The UI is straightforward to use, so businesses don’t have to deal with a steep learning curve. They can immediately enter their ideas and current deals and send emails through a single platform. 

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One important feature of Pipedrive is that it automated email fields along with populating them with customer data so you don’t have to spend hours typing every quality email. Also, it is hassle-free to integrate third-party apps and service providers, including LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Gmail, and others so you are not restricted to Pipedrive’s built-in features. Another feature that makes this tool stand out is its Lead Inbox that you can use to put all the leads collected from multiple sources in one place. Then label each lead with ‘hot,’ ‘warm,’ ‘cold,’ or other custom labels that make sense to you. This will help you monitor and track the priority leads, schedule a call or meeting on time. 

For more advanced features than HubSpot CRM within your budget, Pipedrive is the best solution. It is your go-to choice to focus on key areas of businesses, such as sales opportunities and lead nurturing. 

Key Features

  • Real-time overview of leads and what they are doing in an in-app notification center.
  • Select metrics to customize your dashboard.
  • Visualize leads in multiple drag-and-drop pipelines.
  • Customer Life Cycle & Measures Sales Performance.
  • Commendable customer support. 

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform with really simple and overwhelming features for its users. Most HubSpot users and customers agree that the platform provides a great user interface and experience. Thus, enabling quick implementation for users regardless of their level of marketing or technical knowledge is. For entrepreneurs who take care of all aspects of their startups with help from a small team of salespeople, it is nothing short of a blessing with its excellent set of additional features that are offered by expensive lead management software. Also, it has a shorter learning curve and you don’t have to waste your valuable time on tasks that have nothing to do with lead management. To drive leads, you can add contact forms on your website or leverage the power of chatbots to enable live chat conversations. You can also capture leads automatically through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram ads, and sync customer data with your HubSpot account. There are several useful social media marketing tools as well that you can check out. 

HubSpot helps you optimize lead conversions while taking care of sales and marketing opportunities. It records, tracks, and logs emails and stores up to a million contacts for you into its business database. Moreover, you can connect with your prospects via email or phone call without leaving this CRM. Every lead has its activity timeline so you can view the complete history of interaction with each of them. From calls and links clicked to email opened, HubSpot records every crucial touchpoint. This allows you to have a reference point to create effective and personalized follow-ups. 

The free forever package of HubSpot offers enough of what you need for lead management with several useful resources to make the best out of each sale funnel. The paid plans have a complete suite of features but opt for them only if you want core tools to find and warm up your leads. 

Key Features

  • Send automated email sequences until your leads reply.
  • Import and Export all the leads easily.
  • Digitize business leads using a built-in business card scanner.
  • Track the lead source and analyze it.
  • Use email templates within the Gmail inbox to manage leads more productively. is a popular lead management software that works on minimalism, designed specifically for the sales teams to achieve the primary goals of converting prospects into paying customers. Unlike most complicated CRMs that need a longer onboarding process and time-consuming data management, is a simple cloud-based software with a focus on sales processing. The tool lets you create leads instantly from multiple sources, including business cards, LinkedIn, and the website. The dedicated customer support team offers services in six different languages- French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Its built-in lead capturing tool makes it easier for you to capture leads from all sources and put them into a single account. Its one feature is similar to Zoho’s which enables you to take pictures of business cards and upload the data to your account. Also, dealing with email messages is super easy as every email that you send to your leads is also automatically sent to your software account. comes with an innovative and smart sales script generator so you can qualify your leads easily. Its automation works wonders when it comes to viewing and managing the sales pipeline. Every lead that you add to your account is assigned automatically to “To Do” or “Stand-By” status. The former demands instant attention while the latter implies that it needs follow-up. When you have data organized in such an impressive manner, rest assured that your leads will never go cold without your knowledge. You can schedule follow-ups and sync reminders with your calendar so you never miss a call or meeting with leads. Track your team’s performance from your account and get insights based on the number of calls made, emails sent, deals closed, and other criteria. Its other features are tailored to your sales needs for team management & collaboration, reporting, and statistics.

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Key Features

  • Supports lead captured from several sources.
  • A simple action-based sales tool.
  • Fully customizable sales pipelines to help teams organize their sales process.
  • Set of powerful features to manage sales efficiently.


When you plan to make your sales decisions just based on your intuitions, the risk of failure is high. With a plethora of management tools available, you have no excuse to not invest in the right lead management software. We have listed the top 5 software with their features so you can compare and choose the best solution to suit your business needs. Make the most of it to know where your leads are in the pipeline and ensure to keep eyes on all of them to achieve success. 


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