Best Facebook Advertising Agencies To Look Out In 2022


Facebook has 2.6 billion active users today, which means that brands get access to 2.6 potential clients on a single platform. It is the best opportunity for businesses to market their products and services, generate more leads, and drive sales. 

Facebook advertising agencies offer highly customizable services helping you to align ads with your business goals and brand image. Also, you can focus all your efforts and resources on the target audience, creating a global buzz without spending a fortune. Grab the best social media marketing tools to attract new users every day, retain them, drive engagement and bring unmatched success to your brand.

Yes, services of Facebook advertising agencies are quite economical and offer great options, including PPC and per email conversions. Giving an insight into the significance of Facebook ads:

  • A Facebook user has clicked an average of 12 clicks in the last 30 days.
  • More than 80% of social media references to e-commerce platforms come from Facebook.

Sounds enticing and fun, right? However, Facebook ads are complicated, especially if you want highly-detailed targeting. You need an effective ad strategy and in-depth knowledge to adhere to Facebook‘s best practices and keep up with the fast-evolving changes. Of course, such exceptional skills can be hard to find. Hence, many businesses prefer hiring professional Facebook Advertising Agencies to achieve better results. They choose to leave all their Facebook ad worries to a specialist so they can focus on core business activities. 

If you are also planning to hire an expert to create appealing ads, then these 5 Facebook advertising agencies must be your top priorities to choose from:

Voy Media

If returns matter to you the most, then Voy Media should be your top pick among Facebook advertising agencies. It is a full-service Facebook and Instagram digital marketing company that offers plenty of solutions, including Facebook Ads, retargeting campaigns, Instagram Ads, mobile advertising, e-commerce ads, consulting, and more. This impressive suite of services makes it the best option for businesses that want to test and study the market through one-off services before selecting something permanent. Voy Media dives deep into the marketing strategies for its clients, understands their customers and revenue goals, and then crafts the Value Funnel. It is not happy with just good returns but wants its clients to seek the solutions month after month. Its focus is to increase the customer lifetime value, which is a key to a thriving business. 

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Voy Media is more than a sophisticated ad agency. It is capable of providing more than its peers. Its team guides clients throughout to discover products, love them, and make them raving fans. This methodology is combined with eye-catching ads, a performance-based approach, and strategies, such as A/B testing, developing custom audiences, etc. The agency uses proprietary AI software for scaling and optimizing ad campaigns, etc. 

Key Features

  • Ongoing campaign management and optimization by testing different headlines, descriptions, and images.
  • Takes care of the entire campaign setup, including designing ads with compelling creative and professional copy, importing email lists, and creating retargeting ads.
  • Biweekly reporting and 24/7 access to real-time analytics so you get insights into ad performance and business impact.
  • Its additional services include Instagram ad and retargeting ad management, ad creative development, and Instagram ads and retargeting, which are already combined with Facebook.


Bamboo claims to be an ad agency trusted by the world’s most innovative marketing teams. It also calls itself a full-service growth agency, serving clients across the mobile, direct-to-customers, marketplaces, subscriptions, and FinTech sectors. The company aims to be an extension of its clients’ in-house growth team and has successfully managed to accomplish this goal while serving renowned brands, such as Dropbox, Yelp, HotelTonight, and more. Its mobile advertising solutions cover every aspect, from creative to campaign operations on paid social platforms. 

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Bamboo splits its services into creative, managed, and strategy solutions. Following the mobile-first approach, it specifically targets Facebook ads for an impactful mobile experience. They optimize every Facebook ad to achieve seamless mobile performance. The comprehensive Facebook services include customized reporting, mobile-first campaign strategy and management, and creative production. After testing and optimizing ads, the team focuses only on the ads that achieve the best results.

Key Features

  • Prioritizes mobile-first philosophy to create attractive Facebook ads for a great mobile experience.
  • Offers managed services, creative services, and strategy services with managed services including paid search and Facebook advertising.
  • At its core, Bamboo is a growth marketer, which means that it utilizes an agile framework (rapid iteration, small tests, and scaling) to drive compounding improvements over time.

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a leading digital marketing agency offering end-to-end management solutions for Facebook advertising that uses its exclusive Social Targeting Ads Platform. The company focuses more on its robust marketing platform with other services including web management, social advertising on non-Facebook platforms, customer relationship management (CRM), short message service (SMS) marketing, and email marketing. Its team specializes in social media management, which includes Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, and Houzz. 

For each client, Marketing 360 provides a dedicated marketing executive to manage their Facebook advertising. Of course, businesses can track and monitor the results through the platform. Its in-house team also develops multiple versions of ads that it tests and reviews with different audience segments. Its advertising platform uses an algorithm so your budget is directed more toward performing ads rather than unsuccessful or less effective ones. With Marketing 360, you get a dedicated marketing executive to manage and optimize Facebook ads and a robust marketing solution to track ad performance and marketing channels & customers using a CRM. 

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Key Features

  • Customers have 24/7 access to Digital Marketing Analytics within the Marketing 360 platform so they can easily compare Facebook ads’ reach, clicks, conversions, and different digital marketing channels to know which campaigns performed best.
  • The experts research the demographics of existing customers to align Facebook ads with the audience. The in-house team of graphic designers, writers, and video producers develops multiple versions of ads to test with different audience segments.
  • Once the ad is launched, the team uses built-in optimization algorithms to funnel the budget toward top-performing ads and improve underperforming ads.
  • Its additional services include social media management, website design, email marketing, SMS marketing, and local listing ads.

Pam Ann

Pam Ann Marketing has gained a highly-reputed name in the industry by offering reliable services for years to varied clients across multiple media. The company calls itself a ‘web traffic controller’ and an airport control tower in its logo aligns with this claim. Its marketing services help clients put together a well-rounded strategy that focuses on more than just ads. It also specializes in Google Analytics, search engine organization (SEO), and pay-per-click advertising, including social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

The team goes beyond just creating and setting up an advertising campaign for you. The experts will meticulously evaluate what leads and customers mean to your business and help you capitalize on the leads they have generated through campaigns. This means that you will not only have new customers coming in but have effective strategies for word-of-mouth marketing.

Pam Ann also handles ad creation, campaign setup, demographic targeting, making the best use of the budget, refreshing ads regularly, managing bidding, and more. They align your business goals with Facebook ads to ensure that your resources are focused in the right direction. 

Key Features

  • Its marketing services placed a high emphasis on organic and sustainable growth.
  • Creates a well-rounded strategy that focuses not only on just designing social media ads but also on SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, and generating leads.
  • Recommends the best use of Facebook ads so you can achieve specific business goals.

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MuteSix is one of the best full-funnel ad agencies, trusted by brands, such as LA Times, Chicago Tribune, National Hockey League (NHL), and more. The company creates value for its clients with its breakthrough creativity, data-driven analysis, and targeted media buying that ensure proven results. It specializes in Instagram and Facebook advertising and has a dedicated team of video studio and graphic design. Hence, making it a perfect choice for clients who want visually appealing ads. The agency also helps brands build exceptional email marketing campaigns and tweak their conversion rates consistently so that visitors turn into lifelong customers sooner. It charges 15% of the total Facebook Advertising expenditure, offering an array of services, including ad targeting, performance reports, ad production, and optimization. 

MuteSix is an ad agency that has most case studies published by Facebook in its blog section. It helps you create the best and the most suitable landing pages for ads, making multiple versions and carrying out A/B tests on different types of audiences. The team places a Facebook pixel on the website so businesses can track sales coming through Facebook ads. You can use the pixel for retargeting as well. MuteSix is known for taking care of its employees and they in turn take even better care of clients.

Key Features

  • Its biggest assets are its knowledgeable and skilled team, fast results according to customers and innovative video production.
  • Highly-recommended Facebook Ad Company for Innovation Graphic Design.
  • Its breakthrough creativity supported by targeted media buying and data-driven analysis make it stand out from other agencies.
  • Along with quality ads for the target audience, you also get optimized ads, great website designs, and regular performance reports.


If you starting your Facebook ad journey but have no knowledge or skill to launch a successful campaign, then hiring a reliable agency is the best move for your business. You can also check the best email marketing tools for delivering higher ROI. With the right company to help, you can save money, drive more sales, and add value to your brand. These listed 5 Facebook ad agencies are globally trusted by the biggest brands so you can be assured of nothing but the greatest results. 


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