Best Email Marketing Companies To Look Out in 2022

Best Email Marketing Companies

Email is one of the most powerful and effective tool in the marketing landscape. If we talk about the e-commerce industry, email marketing campaigns drive around 19.8% of online transactions. Moreover, behaviorally triggered emails can generate 306% better ROI as compared to non-triggered email messages. If you can get into people’s inbox and get their attention, you can earn a fortune. Recent data has revealed that companies can generate $38 for every $1 investment in email. Here one can also make use of best lead management software for the most reliable and efficient way to monitor and nurture leads at scale.

Unfortunately, making a place in an inbox is not a cakewalk. You need to hire the best email marketing agencies to wield this powerful tool to its best and earn maximum returns. These companies help you strategize, gather data and email addresses, build marketing strategies to accelerate business growth. 

With such great benefits to seek, you need the top email agency. We have listed the 7 best email marketing companies that would help you get into the inbox of your potential customers and stay in there till they turn into brand advocates. Choose any of the listed options based on your business needs and the agency will assist you to turn your email marketing into a growth channel for your brand.

So, without any delay, let’s dive deep and explore each agency to understand why they are considered the best among all. 


SmartMail is a Done For You (DFY) email marketing agency that specializes in delivering high-converting email campaigns for e-commerce businesses. Its professional team that handles every aspect of e-commerce email marketing includes experts in design, strategy, coding, and client success. They all excel at launching campaigns that are based on automated triggers. The team boasts knowledge and insights required to:

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  • Personalize campaigns
  • Execute data integrations
  • Grow email subscriber lists
  • Segment customers
  • Sequence workflows
  • Design A/B tests
  • Create responsive email templates
  • Report on result

When it comes to customer lifetime cycle, SmartMail stands out for strategizing and executing optimized email marketing campaigns for online stores. Its impressive track record and client feedback are testimony to its quality of work and dedication. The agency may be limited to the e-commerce industry but not within its vertical. It has worked with renowned business owners and merchants, such as City Chic, Skechers, French Connection, and more to improve its email marketing strategy and drive better results. It generated revenue of over $187 million with a broad range of initiatives, such as welcome, post-purchase, cart abandonment, win-back, and replenishment campaigns.


Are you looking for rapid email marketing turnaround? Then InboxArmy is a highly recommended solution provider. It is a full-service and elite option in email marketing companies that offers a wide range of services, including email template production, email marketing audits, full-service campaign management, email marketing strategy, and email automation & custom integrations. It also provides 360-degree email marketing management and custom coding to cater to varied demands of clients. InboxArmy works with brands and businesses of all sizes, delivering best-in-class quality solutions, production, and support. 

Moreover, the company is known for offering volume-based pricing structure and white label services to its fellow digital marketing agencies, which prove their experience and expertise. Its knowledgeable team with deep roots in the email marketing industry has a proven track record of serving 5000+ clients globally. To serve over 25 industries and verticals, it utilizes established and well-documented processes. 

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With InboxArmy, you will find no hidden charges or long-term contracts but only dedicated customer services to resolve all your queries and serve you with the best. It has collaborated with clients from government agencies, such as Texas Health Resources as well as companies, such as Airbnb, LandCentral, Jockey, and more. 

DMi Partners

DMi Partners is another leading option among digital and email marketing companies that staffs skilled and talented professionals who offer personal attention and agility with their services. It has been serving clients across the world for over 18 years and has maintain an impressive record of delivering the highest quality marketing strategy, execution, and results. Its comprehensive suite of services includes search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, paid search engine marketing, and more. The agency has successfully launched several email marketing campaigns and accomplished digital marketing goals for brands, such as Kohler, Campbell’s Soup, and Smithfield Foods. 

DMi Partners mainly serves clients in the retail and e-commerce industry. Since its establishment, DMi has excelled a people-focused and collaborative approach of navigating the digital landscape to drive the desired results for its business partners. The team is well-versed in leveraging the latest tools and techniques that generate the highest ROI. It manages the entire technical setup process and takes care of every detail and step while devising an effective email marketing campaigns. From reporting, testing, and tracking to optimizing, it covers everything in one place. 

As a 360-degree marketing agency, DMi values the relationship between data and creativity, automation and human insight, and innovation and tried-and-true. The marketing team focuses on all aspects of email marketing, analyzing everything from the subject line and preview text to DMARC implementation while working on every campaign.


Rejoiner focuses on providing its clients with email marketing software, tools, and hands-on consulting they need to convert their emails into the key source of revenue and attain success in their industry. Its software solutions can be used by companies to create and deploy effective and result-driven email marketing strategies on a self-serve basis. If you want, then you can take your campaigns a step ahead by working directly with Rejoiner’s team to develop custom email marketing solutions. It dedicatedly serves its clients, which include Triumph, Mother Dirt, Hallmark, and Titleist.

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Businesses rely on Rejoiner’s email marketing expertise for design, testing & optimization, quality assurance, strategy, development, and day-to-day campaign execution. Direct to consumer brands, such as Guthy Renker, Native, Hydroflask, and more have been able to generate more than $225 million revenue with Rejoiner platform. Businesses that have worked with Rejoiner are happy with the agency’s strategic methodologies, support, consultancy solutions, and results. They appreciate the team’s efforts and capabilities to understand their objectives and execute marketing campaigns to support these goals. 

Email Uplers

Email Uplers is your one-stop destination for all things digital. It exclusively manages email marketing campaigns for its clients, becoming their go-to source for hiring remote talents, including marketers, designers, developers, search experts, and Salesforce experts to work on their projects. The team brings technical and creative staff together who work cohesively to build and deploy powerful email marketing campaigns and track results. For years, Uplers have been delivering end-to-end digital and email marketing solutions to global clients. 

The agency works with a mission to rise the top remote talent provider. To achieve this, it connects the most talented professionals with the right global opportunities. Clients can select the level of service they want with options, such as operations support, email template production, and digital assets management. The marketing experts will take care of everything from sourcing and onboarding the right people to ongoing support. 

Uplers lives by the customer-first motto and go above and beyond to meet their demands. It has worked with for over 7k clients across 52+ nations. Its impressive list of clientele includes Faceook, National Geographic, Disney, Amazon, 21st Century Fox, and many others. 


Fulcrum is a trusted full-service email marketing company that has been in the industry for over 10 years. It has been delivering result-driven email marketing strategy to clients across multiple industries. The agency has partnered with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Listrak to offer complete email marketing solutions that begin with a strategic assessment of business needs. Its other services are email deliverability, campaign management, implementation, and more. 

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Fulcrum also offers tech solutions for email analytics and email ROI optimization. Go through its case studies and client stories to get an insight into its successful track record of creating interactive email content and newsletter for clients across mobility, healthcare, finance, and publishing industries. 


Wpromote, a well-reputed digital marketing agency, specializes in a challenger mindset, a brand value of pushing the boundaries for improved results. Although it was founded as a dedicated pay-per-click company, it soon expanded and grew into a comprehensive digital marketing service provider, offering social media, paid search, SEO, content, email marketing, digital marketing intelligence, and creative services. With its headquarters in EI Segundo, CA, Wpromote’s team has been offering services to global clients for the past 18 years. It acquired three independent marketing agencies and opened additional offices nationwide, becoming the largest independent digital marketing company in the US. 

Wpromote’s email marketing solutions include execution and strategy to assist clients to achieve more personalization, improved reporting, stronger segmentation, and better marketing experiments. Businesses and brands hire Wpromote to get custom campaign workflows that are tailored according to customer persona. 


Most businesses recognize the importance of SEO, social media, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. They also make use of marketing automation software for excellent solution combining all data and growth activities on one platform. However, they often ignore email marketing. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistake by prioritizing email campaigns. Select the right email marketing partner for your business from the listed names, ensure that it suits your budget and goal, evaluate all the key factors, pros and cons to finally make a wise decision. 


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