Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for SEO Specialists


To make the most of your investment in marketing and driving traffic, marketers must leverage the power of conversion rate optimization tools that help convince visitors to take desired actions. Unfortunately, most digital marketers don’t pay attention to CRO as they are hard-pressed to increase website traffic. Yes, driving high-quality traffic is undoubtedly critical but it is not enough to sustain your website or business. 

Looking at some recent statistics, the average website conversion rate is around 2.35% for most websites. Top brands get closer to 12% at times and even higher. However, if we see these numbers at a larger scale, more than 95% of the traffic that you pay to generate is going to leave the website within a few minutes without making any purchases. This is the sad reality of most brands. 

The priority should be to drive high-quality leads that turn into sales. And to increase conversions across the marketing funnel, CRO tools are of great use. To state recent facts, these tools can achieve an ROI of 223%, which is something that most organizations have failed to capitalize on.  You can make use of these CRO solutions and marketing automation software to improve your website performance and marketing strategies. 

We have listed 5 helpful and result-driven conversion rate optimization tools that you can use for better results. To help you understand these tools, their usage, and make the right choice, we have shared pros, cons, features, and other key factors. All the outlined solutions are known to improve website performance. Be it making high-level changes to the landing page, getting in-depth insights into visitors’ behavior and interests, or designing attractive CTAs or email designs, these platforms have got it all covered. 


Most conversion optimization tools have been designed for large companies with an extensive budget to drive high-level traffic to their websites. However, there are a number of affordable tools as well that have proven to be effective and useful to achieve the same results for a wide range of companies. One such easy-to-use and reasonable solution is Proof which focuses mainly on customizing user experience according to visitors. Considering how personalization is crucial to a conversion optimization strategy and makes messages more relevant to users, Proof is highly recommended by industry experts. It makes this tricky task easier and more streamlined. It is a page optimization tool with some interesting and powerful features to increase click-through and conversion rates. The best part of Proof is that it is designed for marketers and is straightforward. 

Using Proof, you can change the content of your website pages, hide certain elements, swap CTAs, and change images to match user intent. Moreover, you can ensure personalization based on user behavior, traits, and events to deliver more engaging messages. You can accomplish all this using Proof’s visual editor without writing custom code. 

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Proof offers two products

  • Experience
  • Pulse

Experience helps you adapt your website’s images, text, and CTAs for every visitor without writing a single line of code. You can also personalize the site for each audience segment based on their preferences and other traits.

Pulse sends you notifications when people take action on your site. You can see the total number of actions taken on your site, which is a great option for high-traffic pages, such as webinar registrations, content opt-ins, and free trial sign-ups. 


After you have mastered the basics, such as CTAs, landing pages, content, and popups, it’s time to check  some more advanced conversion rate optimization tools. Hence, comes Hotjar, one of the best tools to provide comprehensive heatmaps, user feedback, and session recordings on a single platform. These features help you identify pain points that can affect customer experiences, such as cluttered designs, bugs, broken links, and other elements. It also lets you track the number of page views and how visitors are navigating your site. No wonder it is highly recommended by many and used by over 900,000 websites to improve UX and increase conversions. Hotjar also offers analytics to enable you to review the performance of your website. This is useful to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and you can make improvements accordingly for higher conversions.

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Although there are plenty of heatmap tools, Hotjar allows you to switch between views so you can see where users click, move the mouse, and scroll. With scroll maps, you can measure user engagement with your content, if they are scrolling far enough to see CTAs, or if your CTAs are impactful enough to grab their attention. With its feedback tools, you can learn directly from users about their likes and dislikes. You can record user sessions, see exactly what they are up to, and eliminate conversion barriers that heatmaps might not reveal. 


For a successful conversion rate optimization strategy, you need a trusted platform that makes it easier for you to run tests and manage results. VWO is a visual editor and A/B testing tool for websites that claim to be the number one platform in the industry. Using real-time A/B testing via VWO, you can check how visitors react to potential changes on a site and which changes are likely to increase conversions. It is one of the easiest-to-use CRO management tools and also quite affordable, making it a great choice for small and large businesses. With VWO, you can run multiple tests on your website, make design changes without writing a single line of code, and implement those changes from one single platform. 

VWO enables multiple testing by making it simpler to rapidly create and run tests, collect data, and uncover insights regarding how pages are converting. Also, it offers a comprehensive suite of powerful testing, marketing, and advanced CRO tools, such as on-page surveys, heatmaps, server-side testing, scroll maps, automated push notifications, and much more. When you have hundreds of website pages to optimize and higher conversion targets, then a tool like VWO should be your first choice to invest your money and time in. 

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is quite popular among marketers and website owners. It is the most well-known and commonly-used web analytics tool available right now to track website visitors. Google Analytics 360 Suite is an enterprise version of Google’s powerful analytics tool that gives you easy access to extensive data and features to enhance your marketing strategies and optimize your website conversions. Using it, you can collect CRO-related analytics and insights in no time to improve your website. You can see the total time spent by visitors on each page, bounce rate, sources that bring traffic, and if users meet goals from a specific path. It is also helpful to find out the top pages that are converting leads, uncover audience behavior, set up funnel analysis tools, and much more. 

Google Analytics’ most important CRO feature is Event Management that you can use to track events, such as clicks on CTA buttons. So, you are not restricted to tracking conversions but can measure the difference between CTA clicks and completed conversions to address the problems that are discouraging users to take actions that you want. Another great thing about this tool is that it shows keywords that people often use to reach your page. Your data is updated every 10 minutes as compared to 24 hours in regular GA. Create custom funnels to review customer journeys, ensuring accuracy and preventing leads from slipping through the cracks.


SimilarWeb is a great CRO tool that has been used consistently over the years by professional marketers. It allows you to analyze the complete site, provides detailed reports about competitors’ performance along with critical insights into how to drive higher traffic. This powerful tool is used for conducting market research, revealing the most successful strategies of competitors, and understanding the target audience. SimilarWeb shows you a marketing channels report, highlighting all the platforms that your competitors are active on and the engagement metrics that they are achieving. In addition, you can find the list of keywords that your peers are targeting, affiliate programs they are associated with, and ad placements they are winning.  You can also find the best competitor analysis tools helpful to grow your media and affiliate partnerships, build effective SEO and content strategies, and enhance your paid ad campaigns. 

You can use SimilarWeb to collect data about your website as well, including the traffic source, keywords that are fueling your organic traffic, and sites that are similar to yours. You can use the information to optimize your site and make a huge impact on its quality to drive better conversions. Moreover, it enables you to compare your brand against industry benchmarks to understand your position in the market, track progress, and grow your business. Learn from the success and failures of your competitors and that of yours to make wise business decisions. Also, you can increase your conversion rates by directing your ad spend in the right direction. 


There it is, our highly recommended conversion rate optimization tools that offer every feature you need to supercharge your CRO and drive traffic. Now that you are familiar and equipped with the best solutions, it’s time to direct your marketing efforts in the right direction. Based on your business goals and usability, you can choose free, robust, or advanced platforms. Evaluate which option is right for you, leverage its full potential, and then upgrade to a complex version for better results. 


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